Cli wallet vs paper wallet


I have a few questions regarding cli and paper wallets.

If i create a cli wallet, i only have to store the mnemonic seed on a safe place right?
And i can always restore my wallet on any computer with my mnemonic seed?

If i have a paper wallet, do i have to create a cli wallet with the keys of my paper wallet if i want to send some ETN from that wallet? And after sending ETN i can just delete the cli wallet because i can recreate it anytime with my paper wallet keys?

What is more secure, a cli wallet or a paper wallet?
What happens if i dont update my cli wallet to the newest version for a long time?
Can i lose my ETNs this way?

Sorry, maybe my questions are a bit confusing and i am working on my english :slight_smile:
I just want to be sure my ETNs are safe

Yes you can restore a lost CLI wallet with the 25 word seed (@cuddlesquid :grin:)
electroneum-wallet-cli.exe --restore-deterministic-wallet


Yes you can, if you do best practice would be to transfer the remaining balance to a new paper wallet

If you choose (to hand over the keys to the electroneum team) and import paper wallet balance with app or web-wallet, everything inside paper wallet will be transferred


Yes you can, you can access it again using the keys.
I would be careful doing so, keeping track of whats safe to delete or not could be a daunting task


If you are up for it (not recommended), you could just memorize the 25 word mnemonic seed for every wallet you have and keep them safe inside your brain (aka brain-wallet @cuddlesquid) :joy:


Converted version sits here :joy:

Thanks to buddy :handshake:


Thank you guys @RSKNOR @cuddlesquid for answering my questions.
My brain would definetly not be the safest place to store something :joy:

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Just a quick question, I already have a paper wallet but is it possible to creat a new one?

And by the way , what do we call a CLI wallet?


You can create as many paper wallets as you like , just remember to do them offline with no access to the internet at all .

As for cli wallet

It stands for command line interface


How can I generate a paper wallet without to be connected I don’t understand :confused: sorry

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hmmm ok thank you :wink:

Download the zip file.for the paper wallet generator from here before turning off your WiFi.

Then Turn off your WiFi , then open the wallet generator and follow the steps to create your offline paper wallet
save it as a PDF which you can keep offline in a secure usb drive or print out in paper form .

You could quite easily do it on a smartphone too just turn your data off once the download is done . The save it in a secure folder ( if is a Samsung galaxy )

Thing is, how do you do when you wanna use it? I mean when you will have to copy/paste the privates spend, view and the public address wallet to put your tokens on the online wallet for example, you will have at least a pdf page (I put my keys on one) opened on your screen…
So is it still possible to be hacked this way?
You know what I mean?

importing a paper wallet is very easy if you use the app, just by scanning your keys (QR-codes) with a phone


in linux os:
what are the files not to delete?
files to set aside for future restoration?