CLI wallet integrity

  1. while synchronizing the cli wallet there was an outage. How to check if the files are still good?

  2. for those who have completed the sync,what is the current file size of the cli should be?

  1. Electroneumd.exe loads blockchain each time its launched, should it be corrupt, syncing will not progress. There is a small chance that blockchain can loaded while corrupted, but syncing may stop/hang on the very block that you crashed on. Once you launch electroneumd.exe, record the current block and check an hour later, if a single block has not updated within an hour, then there is a high chance the blockchain synchronization date is corrupted.

  2. Size of blockchain as of 10/23/2018 is 29.4GB once fully updated.

If you need help properly closing CLI wallet, its at the bottom of this guide:

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is there a way to fix this,without redownloading from the beginning?

or is it possible to download the blockchain using a download manager with resume capability?

You should be able to download the raw block chain and import it using method 2 on this page.

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The guide I mention above has Remote Node option, blockchain is instantly synchronized. You can also download blockchain and import it if you wish, its fairly fast and its official. Check out guides below.

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do you have the 30gb raw file? The link only has 13gb.

for the raw file + importing method , is it also applicable to linux ?

The full BerkeleyDatabase file is approx 30GB
but the .raw export file of this db is only 13GB
When you import&verify it, your db will grow to 30GB


Just as @RSKNOR stated, once blockchain.raw is imported, database is increased to 29.4 GB.

Someone would have to share their 29.4 GB lmdb data for you to download as Electroneum does not host it. Also whats the problem importing raw blockchain? make sure you specify --verify 0 for quicker import.

My guide can be applied in Linux, the only difference is lmbd storage directory and the way client and features are launched.


./electroneum-blockchain-import --input-file /home/user/blockchain.raw --verify 0


electroneum-blockchain-import --input-file C:\Users\clank\Desktop\blockchain.raw --verify 0
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my folder size seems to be stuck on this ubuntu machine
@ home>user>.electroneum folder 5.2gb
@ folder of ./electroneumd 148.4mb

the old fashion method (not downloading the raw file) was used.
however when i check on the data downloaded, its already nearing the 30gb (disregarding other non etn related downloaded)

  1. should i check other locations?
  2. is there an option to backup and restore the downloaded 30gb+ files to a different location in the future?

Sounds fine to me… open electroneumd and check status, if its not syncing at all you might have issues with synced data. Fairly really fast to import raw blockchain anyway, you should try that if you have issues with already synced data.

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I recently undertook this process on a Windows desktop machine.

I had tried updating an old setup but there was RPC connection and Daemon connection problems and sync problems and failed refreshes, so I deleted everything and started from new.

The final data.mdb (in the Imdb folder) is over 34.5 GB currently - you can access and delete this whole folder by entering %ProgramData% by the Start Menu or with both %s in a Windows Folder address bar (left click at the far right and the address bar will allow typing…). Look for the Electroneum folder and delete it - it contains the Blockchain and not the wallet files (3x).

Don’t mistake that Blockchain folder with the folder called something like “electroneum-win-x64-v2.1.1.1” depending on your system and version number. You may need to back up your wallet files in this folder with the version number.

I used the 13Gb .raw file. Process took maybe 4 hours on an old quad core desktop CPU. The other option is to just let the blockchain update itself completely which could take 1-2 days - not advised.

I suggest go away from your PC during this process and check it maybe every hour that it hasn’t failed / crashed.

I had blockchain.raw download failed several times using Firefox - it was downloading at about 10-15Mb/s.

I changed to Chrome to download the .raw and it was maxing at about 4Mb/s but downloaded fine first time. Took about an hour to download.

I had no wallet data that I wasn’t prepared to lose (i.e. I had the paper wallet backed up on several USB sticks) - so I deleted all the CLI and Daemon folder (this folder has the version, something like electroneum-win-x64-v2.1.1.1).

Note if you don’t have the paper wallet backup or your 3 keys stored, you need to backup the 3 wallet files in this folder. Just append _OLD to this folder (i.e. “electroneum-win-x64-v2.1.1.1_OLD”). Then download the latest version and unzip it and use that version hence forth.

Note: DONT START THE Daemon OR THE CLI if you’re importing a paper wallet. You need to do this via a regular CMD prompt, using the import command. This will build out the Electroneum (blockchain) folder in the (hidden) ProgramData folder which you deleted above.

I synced my wallet from the 200,000 (roughly half way) height and it took about 2 hours.

Note: while this suggests importing a balance, you are actually importing the wallet (balance or empty). You would use this method to import a safe empty wallet also in order to send funds to it. Example, to remove from a mobile wallet or an exchange into your paper wallet. Perhaps you’ve given this public wallet address out previously for payment or mining and are not sure if it has funds.

If seeking further help, never share your SPEND or VIEW keys. Also, don’t let anyone ask you to generate a mnemonic SEED and share it with them - this is just like having all your keys…

You can generate your own SEED and store it safely.

It’s ok to share your Public long key which starts with etn… it’s 96 characters I think.


is it ok to shift to another method?
( from old fashion to remote node method )

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