Cli wallet closes when i try to open. was working before

Hi everyone

I haven’t logged in to my wallet for many months so I downloaded the latest files and and ran electroneumd.exe to sync. When I reached 265434 I couldn’t get any further then this even though I left it for hours. I rebooted and tried a gain and I still couldn’t get passed 265434 I saw I downloaded and imported the .raw file but I still stuck on 265434 so I rebooted again and now when I try to open it it will just close after a second or two. Deleting everything and redownloading doesn’t change anything

What do I do now? :frowning:

thank you to anyone who tries to help

i deleted all the files in program data > electroneum and now its syncing again :slight_smile:

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it crashes now after a few hours and after a crashed it wont open unless i delete and start over

Try importing raw blockchain. If you have a weak computer, I don’t advise operating on it while you are syncing blockchain.

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