CLI - Issues opening electroneumd.exe


Got it, one final question, have you ever managed to keep CLI open? Because Im suspecting windows is killing electroneumd.exe in some way. Any special Virus protection on windows? This may be very hard to pinpoint. Another thing we could try is literally deleting everything out of the blockchain sync folder.

Contents of updated blockchain should be located here: C:\ProgramData\electroneum

We can try wiping entire electroneum folder inside ProgramData and launch electroneumd.exe manually like we just did above :slight_smile: I think Im going to run out of ideas to help you though :frowning: should this fail I will give it some thought.


@RSKNOR That’s correct. I successfully started syncing to the blockchain, but after hours and hours of the comp being on, had only got to 67601. I had hoped that I could resume syncing from this point when I started the next day.

That was the complete FAIL.LOG, so yes, was the last line.


Then try popping a few block from the database and then resume the daemon



@cuddlesquid I have had CLI open, but as the blockchain wasn’t fully synced, I wasn’t able to access any of my wallet info.

No new anti virus from when I was able to access last week.

From C:\ProgramData\electroneum, what do you suggest I delete. The Access files from lmdb?


if client ran before and had no issues, there is a very high chance blockchain is corrupt by now… My best advice is to start over,… CPU usage is very high during sync, if you are using machine for anything else it could cause a hangup and corrupt blockchain syncing.


Honestly my friend, wipe the directory where blockchain sits, I mentioned above and start over, is it a weak Computer? If so, try not to use it while blockchain syncs, in fact I wouldnt recommend using your PC if its weak when syncing blockchain. I dedicated a small i3 laptop just for Electroneum CLI wallet, all it does is sync blockchain all day :joy:

Yeah because you managed to operate CLI before without a problem, so its falling onto blockchain data which appears to be corrupt, could be ways to fix it, but normally start over is easiest :slight_smile:


@RSKNOR You are a champ and an extremely valued asset to Electroneum.

Thanks for taking this task on buddy. :blue_heart:


Presumably it is common to close electroneumd.exe once you’ve finished with it, and reopen and expect to sync up with new blocks since electroneumd.exe was last open? I don’t understand what I’m attempting to do is any different, and what caused the data file to corrupt.

Computer is relatively weak tbh. A very decent ‘office’ computer like 4-5 years ago, but CPU isn’t that strong.

So just to make sure I’m deleting the correct files, exactly what do I need to delete?


No @cuddlesquid, you are the best :heart:


Just clean the entire C:\ProgramData\electroneum\lmdb


Yap I suspected your PC is weak. It doesnt take much to Tick off blockchain syncing :joy: Its like a mean girl :stuck_out_tongue: lol So while it syncs its best not to touch it, and also be sure computer doesnt go into sleep mode or some other type of weird hibernation mode of course, mainly its best just to have it dim screen during syncing.

Electroneumd.exe only fetches new blocks that are mined, so yes anytime you run the electroneum-wallet-cli.exe you have to run electroneumd.exe, in otherwords,… electroneumd.exe has to always be open.

When blockchain is finished syncing, it will tell you its complete, and through out the day while electroneumd.exe runs in background it will constantly fetch blocks. Closing electroneumd.exe is no problem at all, however, if it hangs up and you close it by force, this can corrupt the synced data. So its best to type save in electroneumd.exe when you want to close it and type exit and close the window :slight_smile:


@cuddlesquid would you consider it safe to download and import the blockchain.raw export from a random user (=me) ?


Ok. Thanks for your help @RSKNOR and @cuddlesquid

I’ll probably set this up tomorrow on the second office computer that has a stronger CPU and is unused, so I can continue working on mine.


Good question, that blockchain.raw would have to somehow alter electroneumd.exe in order not to be safe,… its hard task, but can be possible. I simply avoid using non official everything, easier to live :joy:


Sounds like a good plan. Best of luck, we are here! :slight_smile:


Typing exit in the cmd window will close the daemon in a clean and proper way…