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@M44FFW I want to switch over from gui desktop wallet to a cli wallet. I have all my coins on gui. I made a cli wallet to transfer to but can’t get my gui Wallet to work right.
I have my seed words for my gui, can I use them to make a cli and take the coins that way? Or are those seed words only good on gui?

I’ve not used the ETN GUI wallet but believe the seed words can be used for any compatible wallet. I’ve used the same seed words for GUI and CLI with other coins.

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@M44FFW so to setup a new wallet with cli remote node method from seed do I use this command: electroneum-wallet-cli.exe --restore-deterministic-wallet

Not quite.

The URL you’ve used is an old one I dont think works and not sure who owns it. I think it should be:

electroneum-wallet-cli.exe --restore-deterministic-wallet --daemon-host=

The refresh is no longer working for me. When I load the wallet it begins the refresh process and then immediately and abruptly

stops. Below is the screenshot of when it stops.

What is the number when you type “bc_height”??

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I get 1111204 when I typed and entered bc_height

That feels about right, not home right now to check.

Are you expecting coins at this address? Did you run the command Legend put above to restore deterministic wallet when creating it??

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I already have coins at that address. I was locked out due to KYC issues which is why I’m trying to access it using this method.

No. I didn’t run any command by Legend. I’m I supposed to run that during the wallet creation or right now? Plus it was not in the original guide I was following.


So you’re saying I cannot access my account on-chain via the CLI/GUI wallets?

Ok. Thanks for the clarity.

I have a few questions now:

  1. Now that I have restored the wallet will new funds sent to my wallet address be accessible via this CLI?

  2. Is the funds in my original Electronenum account/wallet intact?

  1. Yes, anything you send to this new address will be accessible via the CLI wallet. You’ll see the new address in the screenshot you posted above starting “etn”.

  2. Yes, nothing has happened to your original wallet and once you’ve sorted any KYC problems, you’ll be able to access your funds and move anything you want to into this new wallet

Please make sure you have your seed phrase and your private keys safe. Maybe send a small amount of etn to this new wallet and then create a new wallet and send those funds to a new wallet just to familiarise yourself with the functions??


ok. Thanks a lot.

However, the wallet address in this new CLI wallet (which is in the screenshot I posted) is the same as my original wallet address associated with my Electroneum account.

@M44FFW thanks again for all your help. I successfully moved my coins from gui to cli and my cli works great.
When new updates come out for the cli wallet are they pretty painless to do? How do you install the updates, do you delete the old copy of cli and then run the new updated one and load from seed? Or how do you do it?
Just trying to learn for the future.

When an update comes out, I’ll need to do an update at my end of the daemon and you’ll also need to do an update at your end of the cli - hopefully both will just be pasting a new version over the top of the old one


I see.

Thanks again. it’s all clearer now.

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