Choose a friendly Community Forum Username


Hi All,

I can’t seem to find anyway to change my community forum username to something more friendly.

I can see most other users with a standard name / nickname / username etc, however my username is currently set to dbf48c6087d6a2452c99 which is not ideal. I did not choose this username so am guessing it was system generated.

Any ideas?


Were you able to access the Preferences menu ?
You might be able to change your username from there


If not, you can ask an administrator to change it for you.
Admins have this Crest/Shield symbol next to their name AdminSymbol

I’ll summon one of them for you now @BegaMutex



Yes I am able to access preferences, however there is no option to change the username.
Thanks for summoning @BegaMutex hopfully they can help :slight_smile:


Click on his @ name and send him a private message PM


yo @AaronPreston :+1: nice to meet you


Legends :smiley:
Thank you guys