Check the Number of Confirmations Your Transaction Has


This guide as of Nov. 17, 2018 is a tutorial on how to track the status if your transaction through the Electroneum mobile app.

  1. Login to your app and go to the wallet tab. Locate the transaction you wish to track.

  2. Tap on the transaction. The following screen will appear. You want to tap on “prove sending.”

  3. After you tap prove sending, the following window will appear. You should then tap the blue “transaction hash” and another window will pop up.

  4. Look towards the top of the screen to find the number of confirmations. The number needs to be greater than 12 for your transaction to be pushed through. Note that some entities may require more confirmations before they consider your transaction complete. Every confirmation (block) takes 2 minutes to complete on average, so expect your transaction to be completed 22 minutes after you see that you have 1 confirmation.

Hope this helped.