Check how ETN compares to other Projects (chart)

Hello all,

I cherry-picked some date from CoinMarketCap.

Great chart. I think it’s terrible we can’t get on a top 10 chart. I know the tech is always first but would be great to be on binance could easily bring in another 2/3 million trading daily and then if we get a telecom company we could easily be in the top 5 for 24 hour trading this could then open up an opportunity for coinbase then we could all be retired :joy:

Potential is massive!


In truth as community builds this is how those things happen! Word spreads people take notice more investors, get involved scales tip we get on bigger and faster exchanges (higher market volume) feels so good to see where we will go as all of these things are possible!!!

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Feel free to use it on your next video bro.

On it, will have the time to do this

the rest will follow…

Saw the video. Thanks for the shout out man. :+1: