Cheap phones and app?

after finally getting the ios app ive had my phones taken from police.

I don’t know how long they can keep so I got a cheap £50 alcatel smart phone.
I just went to install the app to carry on my cloud mining however it says the version of this app is not available for my phone.
not really a problem for me but is the app too stong/big for smaller memory / cheaper phones?
is this something that is going to be addressed or maybe a “lite” version of app?
just thinking our target audience is the lower end of the mobile market surely this is a flaw?

What a start to a post. Lol. Not sure. @BegaMutex @Corentin @Rach Ive seen a few complaints like this. Any word? Thanks!


lol. just being honest.
and not a complaint my end. I did see someone post on fb too though they couldn’t get app.

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