Charity cases beware

Seems to be a lot of charity cases popping up on here saying they can’t get hold of ETN etc it’s fantastic that the community is coming together and sending ETN over to them but we could be creating a bit of a monster here with other people making up sob stories in an attempt to pray on the communities generosity.

By all means do as you wish with your ETN but don’t be fools with your hard earned ETN.

It’s just like panhandlers in New York or anywhere else. Many times they’re not poor or helpless. Ignore them.


I genuinely hate to say this, but I agree - this entire community forum could become flooded with fake sob stories for free etn. At the end of the day, if someone has access to a phone or PC to write a sob story in the forum, then they cant be that poor…


Exactly my thinking, they know exactly what they are doing, funny how they’ve “stumbled” into this forum without a problem.


I would be more than happy to purchase ETN from forum members here if they are willing to sell as I’m new to this and don’t know how to use the exchanges.
I’m in the UK and have a spare £30 if there are any sellers.

It’s not good for the forum, it started with the best intentions but if it’s allowed to carry on it will get out of hand. Just look at the thread where it started and you’ll see that the OP wasn’t really begging, just stating that it was a good time to buy but he didn’t have the means to buy any and people stepped in and sent him some which was nice to see, the problem is you then get other people start begging and posting their wallet address even though they have over 100K of ETN

Do not worry Ladies and Gents, this forum is not free for all do what you want, we have rules and guidelines and we are going to vigorously protect what is worth protecting.

Have a good one !

How do you not know how to use the exchanges when you have previously stated that you have 100k ETN

Through a uk website called cryptomate but at 7% fees it’s to expensive.