Changelly Or Third Party Integration On ETN Mobile App

Do you guys think Electroneum and Changelly should work together to let users purchase ETN with fiat currency directly within the ETN app? This will be a game changer for Electroneum since major exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase do not want Electroneum on their exchanges. By doing so, Americans and the rest of the world will have the ability to purchase ETN with ease. If ETN wants to be the PayPal of the crypto space, it should make it very easy for users to purchase ETN and make it easily accessible.

Assuming that you can get better cell phone plans when using Electroneum, people are more likely to use Electroneum if the ETN can be purchased from the app rather than making people lose a lot of money on exchange fees when buying ETN. A lot more people can top up their phones with ETN if this feature is implemented in the app. Electroneum can work with Changelly or a third party company when selling ETN to users within the ETN app for fiat currency. The demand of ETN may rise if it becomes easily accessible. What do you guys think?

Atm, the fees for using etn(top ups, etc) are just too high. Wouldnt make sense to use it right now unless etn the company will subsidize the fees using the premined coins plus offer discounts.

Ok but ETN should be easily accessible within the app if it wants to stand out from all other cryptos. It shouldn’t difficult to put the link to Changelly within the Electroneum App or have a third party who sells ETN for cash.

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