Changelly opens the world for Electroneum users

Changelly is one of the most popular non-custodial crypto exchanges. Electroneum is an award-winning crypto startup based in the UK with 4 million registered users worldwide. Read more at the link below:


article says fiat to crypto but usd-etn or eur-etn doesn’t work. when do we expect it to work?


This is brilliant news, thanks for sharing with the community @Stef

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i used Changelly to swap btc for etn today - it was very easy to use and quite fast too


Still can’t buy ETN.

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did you ask the support on changelly about it? They have online chat. Maybe raise a support ticket with ETN support too.

Unfortunately it’s a “temporary “ roadblock, Changelly and the team are “aware” of. There is a “work around” where it takes you to buy btc from India coin and then exchange that for etn. But the whole point is to simply buy ETN with USD.

ok cool. I am sure they will sort it out - if it’s one thing I learned about crypto after 3 years is be patient - it all takes longer than we think or hope.

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