Change of topic , what's your pet?


What a gorgeous cute puppy​:sparkles: :dog: :sparkles:


Oh my goodness - I can not leave my cat alone for one moment! He’s playing my bloomin’ harp now!

Have a fab Saturday evening folks :rofl::kissing_heart:


Hahahaha harpsicat !!!


Never mind the cat…youve got a harp?
That is waaaaay cool.


And today Monty is 1 !!! He is such an amazing cat it’s unreal , never scratches never fights , takes everything in his stride he is just amazing…

Happy birthday Monty… ( On the left ) xxx


Heres a little pet that I had for a very short time.
Photograhed and returned home.
The Red Naped snake (Australias North)
Feeds almost exclusively on legless lizards.
Non venemous.


Out of :purple_heart::green_heart::purple_heart: again but that is a beautiful photo @Pahini :yellow_heart::chipmunk::yellow_heart::chipmunk:


Me too.No :heart: left.
Thankyou.its been a hobby over many years.


Beautiful snake , amazing creatures on our planet … Thanks for sharing @Pahini !!

100 squirrels :heart_eyes:


I am a comic strip artist and I have a German shepherd named Stella. She is my muse. When ever I sit down to draw she is right there curled up in a fuzzy bundle of fur. In the comic, there is a German shepherd named Sherman, he is based off of her.

However, where Sherman is a very broody character, Stella is WAAAAAY more friendly and loves pretty much everyone she meets! Here is the pic of Stella, and a link to my comic. Where others accept Patreon, I only accept ETN. I’m trying to spread the word about crypto!


She is a beaut !! Very fuzzy and cuddly … Will have a look at the comic :heart_eyes:


Thanks!!! Sub if you can!