Change of topic , what's your pet?


Chris thanks for sharing pictures, such beautiful creatures. I have 3 cats of my own, hoping they outlive me, will be heartbroken when they are gone. I love the pooch too, but it’s different,


3 is the magic number , as you all know I have 2 but the wife won’t let me get another one hahaha . She keeps me away from the shelters … is there such a thing as a crazy cat man hahahaha


That’s my princess, just hanging around and chill! :joy:


I am also doing bedience, tracking and defence with my dog


Omg :laughing: your Princess is brilliant !! A big fluffy beauty . Love it


Wow , that’s a clever and bonny dog !!


Thank you. :sunglasses:


Thank you! :kissing_cat:


Aww , missy is a beautiful colour , talented too !! As a child we had a blue budgerigar same as missy called Joey … can’t remember much about him was a long time ago . Thanks for sharing your family friend , beautiful :heart_eyes:


Thanks Chris! What a beautiful thread you’ve created. I hope more people post about their pets on here :purple_heart:


Heres a trivial but very true tale for all you bird lovers…
Theres a migratory bird whos name eludes me for the time being.
It flys continuously for a two week period.
It sleeps whilst flying .
You ask how does this little bird keep going…?
It feeds up before it leaves then lives off that store of food .When it runs out it starts to consume its own intestines…
The wonderful outcome of this seemingly grotesque means of survival and endursnce is that upon landing at its destination it regenerates.
Im aware that canarys regenerate their brain cells too .
Very cool critters!


The animal kingdom is amazing , thanks for the information !! The other thing I love about animals is the fact you know where you stand , they either like you or don’t . Simple as that no back stabbing , no 2 faces just I love you or I don’t …


:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: and :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk: to you @Pahini for the info! And to you @Chris_T for your shared love of animals!


Id really love to know the name of that bird .
I know irs in Northern Europe and Iasked @B.F.A
Thankyou for your♥and your multitudes of squirrels and your effervescent input


Mother and son. The mother was my first dog in adulthood. I trained her for search and rescue. On Christmas Day in 2011 she got 10 puppies, we kept 1 and gave away the 9 to new owners.

At that time i got to dogs, to kids and one wife and that is enough for me!!
Mother (Rubi): Pointer, boxer, and some rabbit dogs are her mix
Puppy (Max): Pointer, boxer,and some rabbit dogs + The neighbor dog -Border collie.

When Rubi was gone and we only got Max left, we realised he could not obey a single command, because he have always been with Rubi and did the exact as she did, and she was awesome on commands. So he was still a puppy in minde and it took a lot of work to get him act like a normal dog, he works fine now.

So on this picture Max with his big sister Dine (rottweiler) my parents dog and Max loves to play with here. The border collie (Molly) is my brothers dog and she is a hard working farm dog that makes the sheep goes where they needs to go.

Max are never tired of playing games


Thanks for sharing the lovely pics and the backstory. Love it thankyou . Some lovely dogs you have there … nice scenery too :heart_eyes:


Beautiful puppies @B.F.A thanks for sharing :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: plus 20 :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:


My daughters dog “Meesha”



Aww cuteness overload kittens and puppies ahhhhh …

Thanks for sharing this bundle of joy :heart_eyes: @Pahini very very cute . A little shitzu , I’m sure there is a joke in here somewhere hahaha…


Oh yeah there sure is…but I cannot share it for fear of incriminating myself…
I dont think I have to elaborate. ,!