Change of topic , what's your pet?


Hi there , This is a community and within this community we have many many different diverse people with different tastes , different qualities , different ideas , loves , hates etc . So I’d like to ask this

What’s your favourite pet , past , present and future ?

Here are mine …

Past pets

This was Felix , he was my baby my best mate , he died last year aged 19 I was devastated…

This was Jasper he died 2 years ago

He was an amazing cat , not cuddly but very playful he lasted 20 years !!

And Sam ahhh Sam boy what a loving cat

he died aged 17

They were best mates

Miss them lots.

I decided no more pets after losing these guys , and after 3 months of living in a cold empty house we decided to get another cat so here is Monty .

He is a tuxedo cat rescued from a cat shelter and what a big boy he is.
He doesn’t put his claws out when playing and is such a softy it’s unreal. He is one in December and is still growing !!

Then my mate rang and said would you like a kitten , noooooo ones enough … But Monty seemed lonely no matter what we did for him so we got Toby.

What a little bundle of joy he is , he and Monty didn’t get on that much at first but now they are inseparable , best mates . Yet another tuxedo cat lol .
But he was a cute little baby

I didn’t believe in reincarnation until Toby came , he is so much like my baby Felix it’s amazing , same food likes , same spot in the house , same cuddles everything…

So yeah I love cats , they are loving and caring and I am privileged to of known Jasper , Sam and Felix and I am in awe of my new family friends . I’ve never really though of them as pets more like part of my family.

So what’s your pet/family friend from the past , present or what are you saving up for.

I started this topic because it’s all fud , kyc crypto ahhhhh we all need a doom break and from life in general . What greets you when you arrive home . ??

I look forward to reading your posts and hope to see some exotic animals…
I used to have an iguana years ago , can’t find a picture he was called Steve , but he turned out to be an evil bugger so hundreds waisted there had to return him to the pet shop…


No pet here :’( I had 2 guinea pigs and a bunch of hamsters when I was young, now waiting to graduate and find a job where you can bring your pet to get a Shiba Inu so he’ll not be alone at home when I’ll be at work


That’s why you will need 2 they will look after each other , good luck graduating and finding a job …


My best ever friend, Yukon my guide dog, died three years back. We were soulmates, miss him so much!IMAG0007


Czech Wolfdog (future)


@Tika memories will live with us forever . R.I.P Yukon you were a :star2:


Beautiful looking animal wow , wolfdog lovely :heart_eyes:


Here is a picture of one of my 5 kittens


What a bonny kitten , beautiful markings :heart_eyes:


Im a lover of reptiles , snakes in particular.
I cant give a pet the stability it needs so I wont own one,
Just seek them out in the wild.
I observe , I photograph.
I go my way and they go there way.


my two cats, Simba and moshmosh


Aww , best buddies … the black and white one looks like my Felix . Lovely :heart_eyes:


Aries Ava, White swiss shepherd


I also had guinea pigs who unfortunately passed :cry:


That’s one good looking prize winning pooch right there !!! Wow :heart_eyes:


Aww it’s a shame we have to let go at some point , even the smallest of animals have deep connections inside…
I used to have a dwarf hamster called nibbles , she was white/grey and used to sit in my top pocket while I cleaned the house …


Here is one of our three cats, taking his afternoon nap :slight_smile:

He’s our little shadow - follows us everywhere :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


He’s a bonny boy , what a cute face . I do like cats … :heart_eyes: , massive tail !! Thanks for sharing


Thanks Chris_T. He is adorable, and so are all your previous cats and your current Tuxedo ones! I’m working from home today and he’s sitting curled up by my feet :heart_eyes:


Thank you for your compliment . our fluffballs know there beautiful lol . That’s why they choose us , because they know we will treat them like kings/queen’s . Mine get spoilt more than me hahahah