Change "mobile miner" to "news feed" and why thats better


Change the “mobile miner” to “news feed” and why thats better…

we know the mobile miner is basically a fancy “airdrop” to encourage adoption and use of the wallet and coin, but as we’ve seen it has some drawbacks, from users not being able to run the phones nonstop due to data usage or signal strength among many other reasons, including android/apple rejecting actual mining apps…

so what if you changed that to a “news feed” instead? and people every 2-4 days would get a new article to click and read, that paid them ETN to their account, for doing so, those news stories could be bumped to the top of any news feed, so users can always interact with the paying messages first…

this would increase interactivity to social media, as you could have it link to a social media posting, or say link to a voting on an exchange, or many other items, using the same amount of ETN you would have before, except now users can check in every couple days and interact directly with a news story…


now obviously this would be fantastic for ETN to get the news out on recent events or upcoming things while users collect their rewards for clicking on the news, but this would now open the door to vendors who say open a store and want to let everyone know, launch a paid advertising campaign, going directly to users!

so now users could get paid by advertisers directly in ETN for clicking and reading their story, and Electroneum would control the content since companies would be buying the advertisements through them to be put in the news feed, to assure there is no spam, just official announcements and weekly articles for free ETN…

I think this would get people to engage with the application more, receive updates on whats going on becoming more aware of activities, and lead to increased social media interactivity when those paid news stories link to certain social media events, which further drive rankings in other ways that benefit ETN…

I am sure a lot of advertisers would love to send “paid news” to hundreds of thousands of users, especially in some targeted areas there might be many uses for this, and the benefit is advertisers buying ETN to pay consumers for reading their articles, there are so many future uses that will benefit all involved…

and thats why I think “mobile mining” should change to a “news feed”…


The cloud mining (which is close to it’s release), will replace the actual miner and allow iPhone users to mine, and also solves the 24/7 internet connection issue


it “solves” it with an ongoing cost, but it misses the greater opportunity of creating a greater interactivity with the app and “news” about whats going on, including the reach of advertisers willing to pay for such an audience, giving the rewards to the wallet owners for reading and consuming that… bigger picture stuff, the miner peaks interest for a brief moment then gets put on “set and forget” mode by people, but a news feed will engage on a regular basis with users… much more powerful…

ask yourself this… how often do you check your mobile miner and engage with it? and what benefit does that bring you, just making sure its working? once you can rely on it to work, how often will you engage with the app? only when you use it right? so what if we can encourage more use of it, by receiving and being paid to read “news” about electroneum in some way, be it weekly incentives direct from Electroneum Ltd or via advertisers buying the coin to get you to read it for a share… I think thats a greater way to “raindrop” coins to users, drive engagement, and ultimately lead to more companies wanting to pay for such engagement…


The new cloud mining solution only requires a once per week or so check in using facial recognition to eliminate bots.

The mining app will not be running in the background on the phone once the cloud mining goes live, it will be simulated on a cloud server environment.

No one will have the need to look at their MM app multiple times a day or even once a day.

ETN will monetize it’s users in other ways eventually.


@Dngruss your reply highlights everything I am saying… few will interact with the app once its “working” and the “other ways” they gain income will result in those costs being passed along to the end consumer for skimming a portion of the transaction fees… so you will have less interaction, costs passed to consumers, while missing the great opportunity to utilize the traffic generated to boost social media presence…

see when you open the “news feed” to advertisers, it might not always be vendors who want to pay for access, it may be local government agencies trying to reach people in those difficult areas with limited access, it may be non-profits who seek to provide services, it may be other companies building brands who realize 90% won’t buy their products but its still important to reach them to build brand awareness…

so you have all that money that could pumped into these people for consumption of advertisements without a direct cost associated to those individuals, unlike the “other ways” would have a direct cost attached to their transactions… you have to follow the money and look at the big picture dollars and cents…

currently most cryptos have the end goal of depending on transactions fees to fund them once block rewards dry up… by bringing in outside advertising money direct to consumer, you create a demand for the coin as it now has a direct use, as currency to pay for advertisements, giving end users an immediate value and greater worth as there is a demand for the item, rather than a “hope” you can create a demand at some point in the future… so rather than create an economy, you leverage the current fiat economy by encouraging people to buy ETN with it, giving greater liquidity and value as demand rises to reach people through advertisements paid in ETN… whats a great jump start to any economy you want to build by bringing in money from outside itself, this is what every natural economy tries to do, import more than they export, the more fiat we can import from advertisements, the greater the internal ETN economy will be because its subsidized by external resources…

but the mobile miner, if there is no plan to replace it, is something that will serve little benefit, once “working” it will only serve as a raindrop, it won’t create the interaction, it won’t generate income for ETN as a whole… its a good gimmick to get users today, but after thinking about it, there are better gimmicks that don’t have a cost associated with it… and when I say cost associated with it, I don’t mean for the end user who has to pay for data and electricity, I mean for Electroneum Ltd who has to pay to maintain the miners in the VM’s on amazon, thats NOT cheap, especially if they manage it like the wallets and spin up a bunch of instances, there are more efficient ways of performing the same raindrop function, that ultimately have greater benefit to generating interactions and knowledge and functional use once value is added via external fiat from the current internal economy…


I personally detest apps that force me to see ads, or have notifications enabled by default.

I don’t think ETN is going for being the app that the user detests having to interact with and feeling used in the process.

I think at this point ETN is seeking mass adoption as a payment services platform, not as a spammy, repetitive, annoying advertising platform…that only cares about making ad revenue from it’s users.

Force feeding ads on those you want to use your services may be the normal route for game apps or startups with little budget, but this aint no startup game app.

I believe if it was ETN’s plan to monetize their users in the way you suggest they would have already done so.

Just because it can be done, doesn’t mean it should be done, unless your goal is to look like a clown operation who’s sole purpose is to generate ad revenue from free users.

If your goal is to be a professional global payments solution seeking mass adoption and you plan on making future profits from processing those transactions, then using your users IS NOT the proper way to go about business.
My credit cards don’t make me view repetitive, silly nonsense ads, to earn rewards, if they did I’d close the account and find the one’s that didn’t use me as ad revenue.

Paypal, doesn’t make me view ads to use their services or take advantage of any discount or cash back offers.

I can’t think of a single payment platform or method that I use that forces ads on me, if they did they could kiss off. They earn their money from fees, and such and interest ect.

ETN held an ICO and pre-mined around 8 billion coins to over costs until such time they have reached a point they feel it’s reasonble to take some profits from tx fees.

While your idea isn’t a bad one , it is not the way I’d conduct business if I was ETN and seeking mass adoption.

It’s my hope that ETN steers clear of such using of the users who use the MM feature.

Just because you can make money doing something, doesn’t mean doing it is the proper thing to do.

That’s my opinion on the matter and I don’t think I’ll change my mind anytime soon.

Using the users you claim to want to help is rubbish IMO. If it had to be done to survive and continue operations, then that’s an entirely different matter.


I wouldn’t be opposed to using the app to push out news related to ETN and the eco system, or promoting vendors who accept ETN as payment, or promotions/news that directly relate to ETN business of any kind.

But I would not charge vendors to advertise in the app, I’d promote them for free to promote awareness and hopefully increase use and demand of ETN.

I wouldn’t be opposed to NGOs, Charities, Non profits info being pushed out to users, but I would surely not monetize it. If it promotes the use and adoption of ETN then that’s a good thing as long as it’s done ethically.

Just my thoughts on the subject. I’m not claiming to be correct in my thoughts…it’s just how I feel about it.


I don’t know, maybe I read your long idea wrong, if your goal is to give the user the option to view ads to earn more ETN than just the MM produces for them, or as an option to onboard more users when the MM pre-mined stash runs low.

I guess IF the user had the option to turn ads on or off and was rewarded in ETN for viewing ads if they chose to, then I could live with that.

I don’t think now is the time to implement that kind of system though.

10s of millions of users and strong numbers in many demographics that can be targeted then sure…as long as ad revenenue is shared with the user watching the ads as ETN payouts and watching ads is a choice /option given to them…not forced upon them.

The problem with that is once the pre-mined coins are gone, then to share ad revenue as ETN payouts Electroneum has to aquire ETN they didn’t already have in their possesion.

Seems odd and maybe not even legal for them to be purchasing large amounts of ETN off exchanges.

Do they then require potential advertisers to pay in ETN? That would seem counterproductive, forcing the client to use your payment method of choice, maybe the advertiser doesn’t want to bother buying ETN.

Do you set up a new company to handle the advertising in the app, or use one of your other existing marketing companies?

Maybe by then OTC purchase of ETN is available, just seems that it’s a bit unethical to be purchasing large amonts of ETN off exchanges by Electrooneum, but I have no idea about the legality of such things…just seems odd to me to even consider such a thing.

Oh well, I’ll let those that need to worry about such things deal with worrying abut it heh.


@Dngruss I think you are over reacting and blowing this WAY out of proportion with a bunch of assumptions and accusations, slow down and take a deep breathe…

do you currently choose to use the mobile miner or not, some do, some do not, I want that SAME ability to CHOOSE whether someone participates in “paid to you ads” which is basically identical then to the mobile miner, completely opt-in… I am not suggesting they force anyone to participate or see anything…

but for a “news feed” that essentially acts as a “raindrop” just the way the mobile miner does, this is the better mousetrap so to speak, it creates engagement with the app, but by voluntarily choosing to, an option for “NONE” or “Electroneum Ltd only” or “Paid only” or “show all” would be a fantastic way to raindrop coins…

under NO circumstances would I ever want them to force it upon people… but ultimately as you pointed out, the well will run dry and a new source of water will be needed right, this could be that source, I suspect today few companies would want to pay for ads, but some would, that would extend the timeline to the dry well… BUT more importantly it would engage people with the app and bring tangible value to the coin as fiat is used to purchase the coin, lifting its value, thus allowing them to pay less coins in mobile miner rewards extending it even further… it basically builds upon itself and compliments it every step of the way…

“do they pay in etn”… ABSOLUTELY, thats the whole point, a company that wants to send an advertisements, purchases ETN and then pays Electroneum Ltd that way, OR they pay in fiat and Eelectroneum Ltd purchases at market value the coins off the exchanges themselves since they now have some allowing fiat purchases… either way you create demand and flow dollars/euros INTO the coin, rather than the net drain of value we see today that keeps trickling down for coins…

economies LOVE exporting, and if you look at crypto, there are few people exporting it, its mostly an internal game among a small group of the population… the more fiat we can bring into crypto, aka, selling ads that pay users in ETN the better the internal economy will be because it brings more value through more demand of its own coin… why do you think BTC has the value it does, because folks sell their coins to trade into BTC on a regular basis, coins die off but that transfer of value remained behind, we can do the same for ETN except with actual fiat, and with an actual value for companies to encourage repeating that process, with advertisements…

is it too early? is it ever too early to do something more beneficial in the long run? you could wait until all the mobile miner funds run down, and then attempt a transition and retrain users and figure it out, or you could begin today to not just save the costs associated with maintaining the rented VMs for this new form of mining, but you could begin to build relationships with advertisers and train users this is how you get your “raindrop” coins, by viewing selected and approved items that pay you in ETN if you choose to, it will still be a choice…

I don’t want this to be the “wild west” advertising, Electroneum Ltd shouldn’t let anyone do it, but I think in the early portions it can be for “electroneum only news” meaning it could be a way to pitch companies to use the coin, “if you accept electroneum we’ll put out a news blast to all the mobile apps who opted-in” or they could say “you could purchase ETN we raindrop on users to encourage them to see you added electroneum”… however its done since its through the app they control the entire thing, it can be selective and targeted as we ease into it…

basically… “I see the writing on the wall” and would rather do something today, then wait until tomorrow when we have to scramble to change it… I also think today it has way more benefit to use it to send news articles about whats going on, create social media engagement, and reward users that way… because lets be honest here, do anyone REALLY care about “simulated mining” who gets into crypto? do they REALLY care its done that way? or would they be just as happy clicking a news story and learning something about electroneum, which has more benefit to them, and electroneum in general… or does looking at a simulated mining screen bring some value that I am completely missing compared to this method?

is your shock just a result of “its change, I don’t like change” rather than, well, what are the reasons why, lets compare that to what we get out of the current method, and see which one can be crafted to provide a better end result…

P.S. and I wouldn’t want them to spam daily ads like they do sometimes with twitter or facebook, but if they plan to give you X ETN every couple days, then whats the harm with 1 paid ad you choose to click on if you want, or turn it off entirely… it might not be ground breaking news, but they can set a schedule every couple days for 1 item to let folks know “heres a recap of the mobile world conference we just got back from, and its a paid ad!” or something like that… (on a side note, do you pay for cable/satellite tv, that still has ads right, I’m not suggesting forced intrusion, but opt-in payment with something that provides more benefit than a “simulated miner” does)


Something like hit the like button at Twitter or facebook 0,1 ETN hit the retweet button 0,5 ETN :smiley:
and give some reward like on Steem?
Sounds intresting not only give it for free but participate or earn more if you are active… or have some status like here - enthusiast, profesors and on each lvl of trust lvl you can earn more coins from your cloud miner - basic model enthusiast up to 10 coins per day, profesor up 20 coins per day or equivalent in USD up to 3$ and professor up to 5$ or more :slight_smile:


Heh, I’m fine with it as it is for now. Let’s let them get things launched and live with partners. Whatever they do I’m cool with, I know they have ETNs best interest in mind in anything they do. I think focusing on core things such as getting the cloud mining an iOS app out, Gig economy website and securing as many partnerships as possible, setting up remittance partners is way more important at this time.

They have a supply that will last for years as it is…plenty of time to worry about working on something such as you suggest.

It’s a decent idea, but I believe encouraging the unbanked users and people from economically depressed areas to get involved in the Gig economy workforce is a more worthwhile area to focus time and resources at this point.

Why train them to watch ads in exchange for ETN when you can help non profits and NGO’s train them to be independent contractors, free lancers, self employed individuals and encourage self reliance.

That should be the focus out of the gate IMO.