Change complex adress to cell phone numbers

Dear ETN community,

A lot of crypto coins have these complex looking and very long adresses for users, which I think makes it more difficult to use and easy to make mistakes. Can we not change the very long personal adresses into your personal cell phone numbers? for example (+31 6 12 34 56 78)

In my opinion this will help with the mass adoption of etn.

Let me know your thoughts and please vote if you like the idea!

I think they will probably make it easier to send ETN to friend sin the future, I was thinking the same kind of how whatsapp does it and link your phone number could be one way.

Right now if I send electroneum I check the adress 2/3 times to make sure it is right, afraid that I enter the wrong adress and loose my ETN. Would be much more user friendly to connect it to your phone number and it fits the product.

Yes indeed, most cases you just scan a QR code but sending to a friend needs to be made alittle easier I think.