Celebrate Electroneum at the Mobile World Congress with a ETN Gift Card Discount

Give someone you know the gift of Electroneum with a ETN Gift Card and show your Electroneum pride with an ETN country flag poster! Celebrate Electroneum at the Mobile World Conference this year with a great discount on all country flag products including Gift Cards and Posters with discount code “etnmwc” at http://etngiftcards.com Electroneum is worldwide and from now through the end of MWC the discount is available. Cheer on Electroneum and see the community grow!


Give the gift of Electroneum and celebrate ETN at the Mobile World Conference. Use promo code etnmwc to get your ETN Gift Card today!

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So these cards are loaded with ETN? At market value? Can buy with Fiat? Or am I missing something?

These ETN Gift Cards are empty until you add what you want to give a friend or family member. You are purchasing the card then building it offline in the security of your home like a paper wallet. Companies selling Gift Cards with coins loaded online are not safe. We developed the only way possible to offer a safe solution for Electroneum Gift Cards. They are only available at etngiftcards.com We are adding new cards all the time and we only accept Electroneum no Fiat.

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Thanks kindly 951fee

The concept was developed from November of 2018 with the help of Electroneum.

Celebrate Electroneum and the M1 Phone with a ETN Gift Card. This new ETN Gift Card is all about Mass Adoption and the bright future for Electroneum Get yours at https://etngiftcards.com/product/electroneum-comic-sun-gift-card/

is this legit? @Rach


These are 100% legit. Feel free to test out our free one at https://etngiftcards.com/is-it-safe/ We developed the project with the consulting from Chris Gorman and Electroneum community members. This is a project we started in November and released about a month ago. We offer over 200+ ETN Gift Cards that you can build offline. This is our solution to Electroneum Gift Cards. We will be offering limited edition ETN Gift Cards and offer custom designs.

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