Catchphrase for Electroneum


@ETNCEO on your twitter page you call ETN “app based mobile mining.” Whilst this description might have worked 7 months ago, is it still apropos? What about “the enablement cryptocurrency” or “the first and only crypto ecosystem” or “crypto for the masses” or “crypto for the 99%”? Other suggestions?




You could keep it simple to “ETN Remit and Reward”
Although in translation it could seem a little ambiguous as remit can also mean “take away”
I can only guess as to the confusion when you translate it to Swahilli or Hindi .!


Tumaa na ETN is the Swahili translation for ETN remit and reward! In Hindi it’s तुमा ना ईटीएन how cool is that?!!!?

Freaking cool would be the correct answer!!!


In hindi I am “gupt gilahree”
Secret squirrel!


HA HA HA that is awesome! I actually worked with a guy in the restaurant business back in the day that actually taught me some Swahili. It is super fun Bwana bwana
Habari za jioni :slight_smile:


Some cultures have a level of intrinsic happiness built in.
They tend to be the cultures more widely pilidged and plundered than those of the free west.


Excellent Swahili suggestions. :sunglasses:

Any others in English? I personally like “the first and only crypto ecosystem.”


It describes the end product perfectly!