Car talk / show and tell club. :)


Is that a cherry :cherries: bomb ?


Bart’s comet to be specific. Season 6 I think.


Just posted some ETN themed cars in the Gala thread.


Yeah that’s it and I already owned it for 20 years before I found it as it is on property I own.


That’s cool My brother and I own a gold mine.


That is a truly special car. And the noise it makes!

Just need a little :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket: to get one.


A sweet race car My boss had a old BMW that looked similar to this one I don’t know if it was this fast though.


Amazon backs this one!
Yes its Electric!


You’re probably thinking of the 2002.

Another lovely classic going up in value.


These are some impressive stats, all vehicles have points they shine in and others that are a compromise. This seems to bring back some of that compromise witha daily driver being a pickup truck. Main reason I have what I have for daily commuting is a compromise between 4x4 capability and fuel economy for that commute. Be interesting to see how the #s would work out with this.

Just wish it looked more like a man’s truck in the front, not an anime robot. They’re so close, but then there’s the trend with many EV manufacturer’s to try to make them look futuristic, appealing to certain market segment. I get it, but…

Maybe a baja/ bull bar and some LED light bars would help…


Was digging around an old hard drive over the weekend and found some more MX-5 Miata pics that I posted about above:

At an Autocross race.

Blue Ridge Parkway

And finally, the tallest peak in the Eastern U.S., Mt. Mitchell in western NC.


Yep exactly he had 2 yellow ones


Building my LS7 Twin Turbo Ultima may become reality soon.



Pride and joy Range Rover Autobiography…in need of a clean.

I’m 6’8" so low-slung supercars are out unfortunately as I just don’t fit into them. My dream car is an Audi RS6 tuned by ABT. My wife has continually said “No” to this but when ETN moons I am straight to the Audi dealer to place my order without even telling her!


I’d negotiated a Mercedes C63 estate with wifey a couple of years ago when we finished paying nursery fees - i then came home from work one day and she told me she had found a bigger, more expensive house for us to buy. So that’s where my budget went.

We then got to a place where I could afford something a bit special again and wanted a DERANGED Ford Ranger but then wifey gave up work to set up on her own, there goes my budget again!!

I’ve got a Qashqai at the moment and swapping it for a Seat Leon FR in 2 weeks time.

I’d love when ETN moons to get her something like your Range Rover @Starscream or a Discovery for wifey so she can have the sensible family car and i can have something a bit more special :slight_smile:


@Pahini :slight_smile: these guys are funny, but out of context… :slight_smile:


Where are they in relation to you? I think they are Queensland maybe, you’re gold coast right? :slight_smile:


Redneck Lawnmower races


Yes Gold Coast at the moment.
These cobbers do good charity work.
Don’t know their locale…watched the video and visited their website.