Car talk / show and tell club. :)


Wicked.Always loved My Aston Martins!


This looks like a Ranchero (Ford) that one of my girlfriends had when I was a kid


You have too love Dubi


Thats the one ford ranchero!
Dubai is really cool.
Id like to go there one day.


I personally like the 1959 or 67 Chevrolet Elcaminos myself.


Ah, an 80s El Camino 305 is on my list of almost bought, but didn’t and really shoulda. Always like the 80s ones with the choo choo customs/ monte ss conversion. Haven’t had a good opportunity on one from that era yet.


Now if I had an El Camino or Ranchero, other than cruisin they’d get a lot of use like this:


Nice low and easy to load after a long day of riding…


When fugazy we will be like


please @Tanwax this is a little off topic. :stuck_out_tongue: does that thing got wheels? :slight_smile:


I think the cart that moves the missiles for the air deference system on top does.


D’you know what…if i have extra after I’ve sorted out the family (we’re talking happy rainbow and unicorn money here,) I would really like one of these bad boys…thoughts please…



Agreed, outta :hearts:. There was one on Hemmings the other day.

Did you happen to catch the episode of Wheeler Dealers where they had one stateside?


Maybe his would, 007 style.


Although, if I lived in WA where I was concerned about water travel, I would have this instead:

@3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7, with amphib floats, it would have wheels tucked away, 4 at that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nope, I bet they’re as rare as Hens teeth in the States!


Yup, just looked and there’s 2 RS’s on Hemmings but no Cosworths.

In the show, spoiler alert, they added the 3rd wing that the designer originally drew up. Also had him on, said he was inspired by the dreidekker.

I’d stick with the 2…


Good grief, the two wings were mad, this is just insane. I’m not a fan. Two for me please. Best colour though I’m not too sure about the wheels…


The wheels are supposed to be the OZ style the Ford rally teams used. They did sell the car with the original alloys as well.

They do appeal to the rally fan in me, but don’t know if I’d keep em on. Maybe the OE units for everday use and the OZs for AutoX, hill climb, or track days…


Found the vid, I’m gonna watch it later. This car was my teenage dream, you can keep your Lambo’s and your Ferrari’s and your Porsche’s for that matter. I’m in love all over again.