Car talk / show and tell club. :)


Not my actual car as I didn’t have a camera phone back in 2003. Mine was a 1994 single point injection and wouldn’t quite do 100mph, although it would corner on three wheels very well. I’ve not owned many cars but this is the only one I’d admit to and I swear if ETN moons in a big way I’ll have another.


This one does!

Just my Sunday drive!


I hear you some of the cars I bough in the 1970’s for $50 - $600 were the ones I wish I kept.


HAHAHA its a great show. :joy:


Isnt it the best.!
If you wat a great way to see some of The best country in Australia from your Armchair …these guys are amazing.


Nice! As a life long rally racing fan, I’ve always wanted to own a classic rally car. Not too many options stateside though, minis being the most prolific. Was offered a 60s Mini in great shape as a trade for a share in a couple aircraft, but I needed the cash more. There’s a few Lancia Fulvias (1300) here, but need much more $$$ for an HF 1800. Anything with a cosworth, so on. I won’t even get started on a Stratos…

Here’s an idea, instead of “when lambo,” how about “when stratos?” Might be a bit more fitting.


Other than my first car, a 79 Lincoln, the cars I’ve bought in that range can stay gone. AMC Eagle comes to mind first, fun beater off road but not worth the time.

Now, bikes on the other hand, there’s quite a few in that price range I’d like to have back. Once traded a $200 shotgun for a vintage trials bike. Was teaching the wife how to ride, but she never took to it and away it went.


Cool, will have to check them out, see what I can find stateside. There’s always Kodi.

My favorite 2 wheeled Aussies are over at:

And back to 4 wheels (mostly):

Season 3 of the Grand Tour starts 1/18 on Amazon Prime


This is not to hard on american snowflakes?


When I was a kid my dad had a bullnose Volvo… still to this day I have never been in a car that got to 100mph and back to a standstill on a streach of road near where we used to live… my first car was a ford Capri… it was supposed to be white but was more brown with the rust, we had a black vinyl roof put on so we could look a bit like starsky and hutch… later I moved onto an XR2i… that was fun to drive and eventually I went for a white ford folcus… it frightened me to death when I realised it was still pulling away at 140mph… that’s when I decided that if I wanted to see my kids grow up I had to slow down!
I now love my larger cars, one of the best and most comfortable to date was a 2004 Kia Sedona… top of the range and was able to pay cash brand new… only 15k back then… now I’m in a 2018 Citroën air cross 1.2 flare engine that goes like an old 1.8 used too…got to love technology and the advancement of the engines these days… my future car… I’ll have to think about it a while but could possibly be a Range Rover or even a Bentley… May even get me a crossfire just for fun if I can get in one… built for comfort now not speed…


I had an XR2i, at about 115mph the front started to lift rather dangerously it topped out at about 122 if you believe the needle, never been so scared as when the steering went light, oh and the torque understeer on acceleration was a tyre eater. I’m all grown up now and all that angst has gone I hardly even drive.


Haha, we used to do the same thing with the Dodge RAM truck symbol and the female organ system back in the day. People are so easily offended anymore… Or at least it’s what the media wants people to think. What ever…


@Dr_Jan_Itor I had a 79 Lincoln and a 1964 as wall as a 1982


Yea not a bad ride for a high school kid (at the time). 400 V8, cassette deck w/ Discman (wayne’s world style), trunk that could fit many cases of beer…er… soda, and basically 2 big velour couches on wheels. Dad had the '89? 5.0.


I had a grey one with leather grey and a burgundy one real nice rides.


rest of my cars is just crap, boring. Family cars, looking forward to ETN moon. Then its Nissan Skyline


When moon, I’d go for a mark 1 golf. And get the engine on my van rebuilt. Depending on what moon we land. :slight_smile:


The one car I regret selling most was my NA MX-5 Miata.

I know, i know girl car, right? That’s what I always though until I drove one. Like a street legal go kart. Not fast AT ALL, but always a fun drive. You start driving and it’s exciting and freedom and someday it just turns into the commute and sitting in traffic. I’ve owned/ driven much faster cars, but I never had/ drove one that I had fun every time in it and enjoyed every trip. Unlike the Miata.

Had it up in the mountains, including the Blue Ridge Parkway, back country roads. Ran autocross with it, some parking lots and one actual race track. (At that race a mk1 Golf beat everyone after the pax time, there were even shifter karts and formula cars there)

(Crappy camera phone shot)


Attended an Indoor Auto Race over the weekend. Two classes of cars, TQ Midgets and Slingshots. Slingshots are basically a mini modified powered by a 40hp Briggs V-Twin. The TQ Midgets however have Suzuki 750 I4 sport bike engines in them built to 150hp. They scream!

The arena melted their hockey ice at this venue and threw done soda syrup in the turns to get the cars to stick. I would’ve preferred baby powder to let the cars slide around, but it was funny watching people lose their shoes walking on it during the pre race.

(Crappy phone pic alert)

(Better pic of TQ midgets)


@Pahini This one is for you brother