Car talk / show and tell club. :)


I’m 77 now, always loved my capri mk3.



My first car was a 1979 2.0L ford cavalier. Strait four block. Four door saloon. Back wheel drive with a four speed manual box. I was about 14. Just used on Forrest tracks and small road stretches. :blush: so fun!


Nice remap from these Czech guys.


Ti cravo! ? @Dave_Czech_Republic


US $ 40k here Mustang.


Whats that on nitrous?
Fully sick bus!!:chipmunk::chipmunk:


standard stock diesel, but has had the ecu flashed for more boost…


I don’t have a car but if i had to buy one this would be it.


Highly Amusing Aussie series


I have had over 160 Cars, trucks, bikes, tractors, and boats! This is my current car I will keep it


:joy: yes, it was not a blindshot from me, i kinda smelled it :blush:


This is my current daily driver. 435d X Drive M sport. It’s only a diesel but remapped to 380 bhp and 750nm of torque which means under 5 seconds to 60mph and 40mpg! I use it for driving around England selling logistics solutions to the good people of the UK. Great fun on sunny days :sunglasses:


There it is just coming out of the body shop, and this is what the insurance company sent me as a courtesy car when someone drove in to the door. They said they were sending a white Nissan so i naturally expected a Micra :joy::rofl::laughing:


And this is my dream car for when we :bomb::boom:


gotta love the noise a diesel remap makes.
i’d be happy with an all black 420d gurgle pop.


what insurance company has private plates?
oooh, company car is it boys? eye probably…


Vision Vehicle Hire. That’s who the insurance company used, hence the plate VVH.

And no the 435d is mine, bought it outright when I sold my house, better to keep the car allowance as pure profit instead of a company car which you never own :sunglasses:


I’m with you @JonneHex, would like to buy back some cars I regret selling from my early 20s


I hear ya @Tanwax , I don’t seem to keep any car/bike/truck long. I’m not into triple digits yet but I’m getting close. There are a few cars and bikes tough I regret selling that I wouldn’t mind buying again.


Nice! @3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7
We’d call that a sleeper over here. I can think of a few cars downtown that would surprise.

Out of likes :green_heart: to give for the day lol


With moon, the Zafira 7seat i have now is, not the Ego car, nooo