Car talk / show and tell club. :)


One of my many many cars. I finished it last year and sold it. Almost all my cars are immediately bagged and widebodied.


1 of 6 of the genesis coupe I had, I worked on this thing for a solid 2 months before I started showing it at the car shows.


Holly poop dude! Is that a business for you?


Hahah nah, I just buy cars, tinker with them, go to shows, then sell. I normally have about 5-6 sponsors send me parts to promote on their websites, social media, magazines…


Wow , much respect for that!
You win this thread so far. :blush: :heart:
But a stripped Tesla with amps turned up will still beat almost any street car now! Walks over a GT :slight_smile:


Love watching roadkill, mcm and 1320 videos.


The GT was too slow. Fun car, but no power.


Was it the all wheel drive? That’s fun… :slight_smile:


Niice. Had a foot inside the ‘tuners’ m2, so know a few of those with the hobby.
Love that, just dont have the skill. But like it. Go to shows when i can, did some drifting for fun.


Friends car, many years ago


Yeah I got in a little fender bender in the orange one and decided to mold the widebody,


THAT IS GORGEOUS!!! I wish those were legal here in the US


Dude, that is some skill and hours…
Unfortunate, cars here are insane expensive.
A normal familycar is like 60000$


Really?? Where at???


Volume engines are the losers, due to tax.
I think more than half the price is straight up tax


Wow that’s some serious dedication! Not my cup of tea as they say. But much respect for the work.


But its still a huge culture out there I’m jealous.! :slight_smile:


This one, standard. Is 84600$


Depending on the sate they are? You can get JDM imports without all the hurdles now, if its over 25years. But I think its getting more relaxed.


You can fit 4 in a standard large shipping container. There is a good business there. :slight_smile: