Car talk / show and tell club. :)


Its something Ive always wanted to do.
Definitely on the list in the next couple of years.
My bucket list isnt on the expensive side.
Not in a flamboyant sense,
Dreams are small…The reality is huge.


Hahaha, I could have some fun making a “Pahinimobile.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Monaco F1 is on my bucket list, my favorite track. Never got out to Indy when they were will racing there. Not a fan of circuit of the Americas.

Now if only they would return to Watkins Glen…


Sign me up! Stock class.



Here we go again! Top Gear time!


Huh, is it on now? Haven’t seen any since it all changed.


I like it. I’m not sure if you’re in the UK, but I still watch The Grand Tour on Amazon…it’s become a bit like The Last of The Summer Wine. I enjoy it more for nostalgic reasons. TG is more fresh these days IMO, Chris Harris is a legend in my book.


When I watch Top Gear now if feel like Matt and Chris are trying too hard to be Clarkson, Hammond and May. While they are getting better at it, I don’t think it’ll ever be as good as The Grand Tour, or as good as Top Gear was.

I thought Freddie Flintoff was supposed to be presenting it now??


He has problems handling that mean green chip machine.
I wouldnt trust him in a Ferrari!


1960 El Dorado





Finally got the winch and plow installed on my ATV. Now that it’s March, but just in time for 10+ Inches of snow today.


So this is what lovely wife has as a new (ish) car. I like it a lot.


Chevrolet Captiva or the Vauxhall one?? I used to have the Captiva on a 10 plate with a 2 litre diesel engine. The amount of torque was amazing but fuel economy was horrific, I was lucky to get 26 mpg on a motorway run.

Great car overall though and felt very well made. What is the facelift one like??


She only picked it up on Friday, it’s the 2.2 version and yes the fuel consumption is heavy! Still, it’s going to spend most of it’s time sat on the drive waiting to go to the supermarket so it’s not a worry…Oh, yes the torque is very good, the acceleration to 70 is quick for a tank.


I found a “Jesus Bus”…imagine pimpin this baby!


I could imagine fitting outriggers to it! How does that not tip over?


It would be precarious with a full load during oktoberfest!!


I’m going to drive it to Paris, so I think I’ll do a roadtrip update on here as I go along. It will document all the places I have broken down and inform you all of the state of my marriage along the way!! :crazy_face: