Car Rear Window Electronem Stickers

Hey Everyone! haven’t seen anything on here about Car Rear Window Stickers, but I thought this would be a great idea, no better way to advertise for free offline to the masses!

  1. Stuck in traffic will feel slightly less worse knowing someone is looking at your Electroneum sticker :wink:
  2. The person tailgating you can read the sweet words ‘Electroneum’ :wink:
  3. There are millions of cars on the roads everywhere around the world, i’m sure a QR code with the link to the Android or IOS app would help speed up mass adoption!

Could the Electroneum team provide this? or is there a community member out there that specialises in stickers?

Hey @StevieHaynes This might help…

I was also thinking of making my own design, and mailing them out myself so they would be much cheaper for people. Maybe making a design that says Electroneum- empowering the unbanked (underneath) or something like that?
Something showing etn is more than just a brand sticker.

Any ideas on what you think would make a kick a$$ sticker?
I could design and print a few hundred and send them to people for as cheap as i can :slight_smile: to spread the word


Can’t you just buy sticker sheets and rasterize some ETN logo’s and print them onto the sticker paper?

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you could, but for cars or to be long lasting, they need to be die cut vinyl PVC materail so they survive the elements.
I’ve decided I’m going to get some printed from a supplier I work with , and I’ll send them to peeps on this forum for cost price :slight_smile:


Ahhh thats awseome! yeah i learned that from my Bitcoin sticker on the back of my car, was thinking an internal sticker for the inside of the rear window - least then it cant get damaged. But yeah outside you can put it wherever you want with the proper material - let me know when you get an update on this! :slight_smile:


was thinking of supplier/or like the person below @Annastasia whos already in the process of doing it - sort of like a bulk so everyone gets the same thing/quality - may give it a go solo and let you know how it goes! my textile skills aren’t the greatest ;p


hey @StevieHaynes thanks for the inspo friend! Check out the thread I created- I’m checking out pricing and i’ll be able to mail in a regular or oversize envelope and save people alot of $ rather than spending $7-$15 for one sticker like they are now.

I’m going to get some designs made this weekend- :tada::tada::tada:

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I was thinking of getting the logo printed on magnetic sheets . So when i am feeling fomo i could cover the car and then i could remove them easily …



I like the Idea @Plankton
FoMobile On
FoMobile Off


Exactly , my thought some days you may want to spread the word and some days leave me alone. So yeah worth a shot


Check it out @StevieHaynes :+1:

@Annastasia just got her sticker shop up and running :zap:

:bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:

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