Can't withdraw ETNs waiting for KYC

I am stuck about withdrawing my ETNs from my Electroneum Wallet, waiting for KYC. I submitted my documents weeks ago and submitted a support case, still no reply or review.

Any idea how can I withdraw my tokens?

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There is nothing more you can do except wait patiently as they work through their backlog.

One thing you do NOT want to do is create more support tickets for the same issue. This slows them down drastically as they have to work through each ticket individually and duplicate support tickets slows the entire support team down drastically.


I have the same problem, i will also withdraw but have to wait a few days already.
Why is that. We are in 2021 not in 1990.

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If anyone has an account issue please dm me…


Same problem 7 weeks here waiting. The KYC process would be speeded up significantly if users uploaded all docs at once instead of having to do it in stages. They have hired more staff but not enough by the looks of it.

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