Can't withdraw ETN back from Biki - Help!

Hey there!

I took part in the Biki exchange competition but now i cant withdraw my etn back into my mobilewallet.
Biki wants a tag (payment id) for the transaction but the mobilewallet doesnt offer that.

I texted with Biki and they told me to just fill a 0 as tag but my withdrawals keep being denied.

Can anyone help?

Enter 64 x 0s, Send a small amount first to confirm it works.


i’ll try right away :slight_smile:

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it worked thank you so much!!


Happy to help :wink:

Have you voted on Twitter yet?


not having a twitter account sorry

create one, vote, then forget it :slight_smile: twitter works from browser too i.e. don’t have to use an app


Hey bro can we withdraw our etn now after the deposit of the competition ?
That will not affect the competition rewards?


As far as I understood yes. I have withdrawn my funds.


Okey thanks bro I’ll withdraw it

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hey bro i tried this tag : 64x0s
I still can’t withdraw my balance they denied it !

Not “64x0”

Sixty-four zeros… 0000000 x 64


Ah okey it’s worked thanks :pray:


What is the link to Biki competition?
How is the winner chosen?

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The winner isn’t chosen is a proportional prize. Ie if the total amount traded was 10 million and you traded 1million you would get 10% of the price money

For the link you can just go on the exchange and trade to be part of the competition.

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here are the t&c


Hey guys BiKi Exchange doesn’t accept my KYC vitrification they told there is a problem in the handwriting paper in the 3rd photo so can someone tell me what should i write in the handwriting paper ?

Full name
Todays Date
“All behaviours on this website is performed by myself and i am aware of all the risks; and will take all legal consequences”

That was what i had on mine. It may have changed.

Make sure the name matches your id 100% perfectly and try to show your ID, face and both arms clearly.

Beyond that, you need to speak to Biki’s support not here Anis.

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Okey thank you brother

Any news from BiKi Exchange about the competition reward ? They say before the 12 or 11 mars !

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