Can't login to Mobile App


I login via facebook and it gives

Error 3000: We were unable to connect to a server at this time please try again

I’ve uninstalled and re-installed from scratch. Desktop login works fine.


If you have other options to sign in …i.e google or just like when you sign in to the desktop…I don’t use FB login …Try that…


Yes I did as stated. I’m able to login via desktop using my FB credentials just fine. But it gives the error on the mobile app


Maybe with the upgrade there’s a slight hiccup from the FB integration side…I wouldn’t worry…Just give it some time…if no luck then contact support…


do you have another option to sign in with besides FB…?


did u made the updates for the app ?


purkiss80: I originally set the account up using my FB credentials…I’d love to decouple it from that if possible…but I don’t see a way to do that. Maybe I can just change the password on my account

furious: Yes, I even completely uninstalled and reinstalled.


When I originally signed up for Electroneum Mobile App, I used my Facebook login, and changed my password for mobile app via the browser once I logged in. I have no issues logging in with just my email and new password. Give it a try.


It won’t even let me change my password. Since I originally signed up with my FB credentials, I assumed it would use my FB password…but that isn’t working. So I can’t even change it.


Oh interesting, maybe some things have changed since launch :joy: sorry about that


I have raised a support ticket…ultimately I’d just rather not use facebook credentials anymore…I don’t really use facebook all that much and may even delete the account and don’t want to have the mess anything up that uses it.


Problem resolved:

Logged out on my desktop and used the reset password option on the login page to force a password change. All working now.

Thanks you all for your input here!