Cant deposit into exchanges


I purchased 15k ETN some weeks ago and transferred this to my mobile app. I just tried to transfer / deposit ETN into Cryptopia and Coinspot today only to learn that both exchanges are not taking deposits of ETN now. In short i now have $570 AUD of ETN that i cant sell, trade etc. Really disappointed in this product now, i was a backer until today. If we cant trade ETN from the mobile app to exchanges then what is the point of having the wallet at all.

The exchanges are outside of the control of the etn team. Tradeogre is open for deposits and withdrawals. I’m assuming there are others exchanges open as well. I’d look more but I honestly have no interest in selling any of mine right now on what feels like the verge of a significant run up.


What does the exchanges have to do with the project? Please explain.

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I don’t disagree but when Australia’s & New Zeland’s main exchanges wont except deposits then i then have to sign up with international exchanges to sell to btc, then transfer, then withdraw. This becomes costly and ultimately will reduce any uptake of ETN downunder. I was not planning on selling all my coin just enough to cover off my original investment therefore everything that is left is 100% profit. I’m just disappointed that both my local exchanges are not excepting deposits of ETN, seems strange to me. I do understand that the exchanges are out of the control of the ETN team however as an agreement would of been reached with the exchange to trade ETN i’m sure there would of been conditions surround that i.e. deposits withdraws etc. Not having the ability to trade ETN openly and without conditions will ultimately hurt ETN. If a bank stops allowing customers to withdraw money then there is a run on the bank therefore the bank is in jeopardy. I am currently a member of 3 different exchanges of which 2 which allow me to buy ETN will not allow me to deposit to sell therefore i can not sell. I appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

Apologies, i’m not sure what you mean by project. I thought i posted this into the right forum area, apologies if i didn’t.

Project, or product. You said you was disappointed in this product cause you are unable to send to exchanges and exchanges have nothing to do with our product. Do you shouldn’t be disappointed in the product you should be looking into the exchange you are trying to use to check if they are under maintenance or not.

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Thanks, appreciate the advice. I’ve had ETN since December 2017 so first time trying to sell some. Maybe its an over reaction but time will tell. Will be more than happy to retract my statement if it is as simple as the exchanges being under maintenance as you said. Thank you again @Deedigital

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You need the purchase code to sell on Cryptopia. Go read the FAQ you can find it in your withdraw wallet. on the exchange.

Agreed dont give up bro