Can't complete level 2


Etn should please introduce another KYC method or partner, Yoti is stiff-necked about some issue and doesn’t feel like they care.

There many ID form in several countries, you can’t simply choose to accept just one which majority don’t use.

In Nigeria for instance, not many people have int’l passport, driver’s license is more in use, national ID card is even more used than int’l passport.

Now I can go past level 1, liquid exchange kyc is far better than yoti.

Etn should consider using liquid exchange’s method of kyc.

Also, please provide kyc solution before it goes live,

Yoti is just not the right partner for this exercise, they would end up slowing us all down.

If anyone knows how to boycott yoti flto complete in Nigeria, please share.

Thanks in anticipation.


So, you find yourself in nigeria?
I find Yoti simple and good. Fast and easy.
So, the pudding sometimes not fit all.
It will sort. An exchanges way of do kyc is not quite the same.