Cannot update my kyc to level 2 and 3


I am from india and I am unable to update my KYC to level 2 and level 3 due to lack of my passport support to YOTI application.
Please help me to done my KYC to Level 2 & 3

thank you


If you have done level 1, log in to your ETN wallet and go to settings. i believe you can do 2 and 3 from there. Someone correct me if i am wrong


Yes level 2 and 3 verification is done through
Login go to settings and you will see the tab for kyc verification. Follow instructions(there are YouTube videos showing how to also) Levels 2 and 3 are done through Electroneum.


thx, i have forgot howe i did it i just remember a bit lol


I should have recorded myself doing it ! I’m starting to forget somewhat also but I know level 2 and 3 is done through your


Can you please screenshot the tab for kyc verification as dhown in Tganks a lot…