Cannot complete Level 2


Actually i am from India.i have completed my yoti verification but the address field is not completed in my yoti account.So due to the address field is not completed, i couldnt proceed to level 2 in electroneum KYC.I have also approached the support team of yoti,they said for India they couldnt verify the address field. But only if i complete that i could proceed with the KYC.Now i still lagging in the level 1.Kindly let me know how to proceed and let me know the solution.Thanks in advance



Hi electroneum!

I have a problem in recognizing my name . I upload my passport on yoti app and when i send my id on etn. the team rejected my by saying that the name is not recognize it is different from yoti profile.


I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I’m not able to verify my account. I can not do anything, can’t enter my name or upload m passport, because it always turns me on the front page and says that Bosnia and Herzegovina is not supported. Can you please help me to verify my account somehow so I can verify my account.

Thank you.


Hi Rachel,I am Jayant.Joshi.Please tell me if you are able to reply my tickets why do you not add a few lines and get me out of misery as I have uploaded my UK driver’s license as proof of address and gone through all other requirements by YOTI and I have not completed Level 2 and 3 of KYC?
I shall appreciate if you can explain here in the forum as support does not want to reply to millions of repetitive questions.


Have you linked your Yoti account and your Electroneum account? Levels 2 and 3 are done directly from Electroneum account.


Hi PrestoCrypto,Thank you for your email.You said that I can link Yoti account and my ETN account,but how?They have not bothered to mention in the back office how to lnk these accounts.I shall be grateful to you if you can guide me how to link these accounts.



I private messaged you @586b16243ecfa8dbb539 to try and assist. Thank you for your patience


My many many thanks to Prestocrypto for helping me finish my task of completing KYC.God Bless you.


Glad to be here to assist you! Thank you for your kind words :zap:Keep me updated when they are approved!



I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina and yoti dont have supported for this country i got lvl 1 on account but lvl 2 i cant do btw i dont have 150€ wroth etn on my wallet whay is locked


hi, you don’t need yoti if you’re from bosnia. please go through our site