Can you help us translate some key words?

Hi All

We’re looking for your expertise and recommendations on some translations we’re making to our sites. We know that some newer words or phrases often are spoken in English, across the world, but we wanted to check four key terms we use a lot here.

We’ve had them translated in to 22 different languages, and we needed to ask our Electroneum community what words, they would use in their language. Would you use the translation we have? Is there a better translation? Would you use the English term and not translate it at all?

Take a look at the table below and let us know what you think!

English en Electroneum Wallet ETN Wallet ETN Block Rewards ETN Rewards
Arabic ar محفظة Electroneum محفظة ETN مكافآت بلوك ETN Phần thưởng ETN
Dutch nl Electroneum portefeuille ETN portefeuille ETN block beloningen ETN Beloningen
French fr portefeuille Electroneum portefeuille ETN récompenses de bloc ETN Récompenses ETN
German de Electroneum-Wallet ETN-Wallet ETN-Block-Belohnungen ETN-Belohnungen
Hebrew he ת ארנק Electroneum ת ארנק ETN תגמולים של חסימת ETN תגמולי ETN
Hindi hi Electroneum वॉलेट ETN वॉलेट ETN ब्लॉक पुरस्कार ETN पुरस्कार
Indonesian Bahasa id dompet Electroneum dompet ETN ETN Block Reward Reward ETN
Italian it portafogli Electroneum portafoglio ETN Premi blocco ETN Premi ETN
Japanese ja Electroneumウォレ ETNウォレ ETNブロック報酬活 ETNリワード
Khmer km កាបូបលុយ Electroneum កាបូបលុយ ETN ETN រារាំងរង្វាន់ រង្វាន់ ETN
Korean ko Electroneum 월렛 ETN 월렛 ETN 블록 보상을 ETN 보상
Portuguese pt carteira Electroneum carteira ETN recompensas do bloco ETN Recompensas ETN
Portuguese-Brazilian pt-br carteira Electroneum carteira ETN recompensas do bloco ETN Recompensas em ETN
Romanian ro portofel Electroneum portofel ETN Recompense de blocare ETN Recompense ETN
Russian ru кошельком Electroneum кошельком ETN Награды за блок ETN Награды ETN
Simplified Chinese zh Electroneum 钱包 ETN 钱包 ETN区块奖励 ETN奖励
Sinhalese si Electroneum පසුම්බිය ETN පසුම්බිය ETN වාරණ ප්‍රතිලාභ ETN ත්‍යාග
Spanish es monedero Electroneum monedero ETN recompensas de bloque de ETN Recompensas de ETN
Thai th Electroneum กระเป๋าเงิน ETN กระเป๋าเงิน รางวัล ETN Block รางวัล ETN
Turkish tr Electroneum cüzdan ETN cüzdan ETN blok ödülleri ETN Ödülleri
Urdu ur Electroneum والیٹ ای ٹی این والیٹ کے ETN بلاک انعامات ETN انعامات
Vietnamese vn Electroneum Ví tiền ETN Ví tiền Phần thưởng khối ETN Phần thưởng ETN

Thanks for all your help, as always!



Electroneum (ETN) wallet = Electroneum (ETN) portemonnee

Exchanges = (now in the app “uitwisselingen”) should be “beurzen”


Furthermore “block” translates as “blok” in Dutch, but as it is referring to the blockchain “block” is just fine as we also use the word “blockchain” in the context with crypto.
There no translation.


Arabic :
ETN Block Rewards : ETN مكافآت كتلة بيانات
This is the right meaning in arabic because the word of (Block) in th blockchain domain can’t be translated to one word :smile:


Arabic :
ETN Rewards : ETN مكافآت

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