Can you have / create multiple addresses in the Electroneum CLI Wallet?

I am using the Electronuem Aurora V4.0.0.1 CLI Wallet and wondering if there is a way of having multiple addresses without having to setup a separate node?

yup, use subaddresses.

They are derived from your main public address.

You can also just switch wallets, no need to run multiple nodes.

Thanks Bega for your reply.

Could you please provide instructions on how to use sub-addresses?

If I create a new wallet within the node, will that generate a new address?

Hi Bega. Excuse me following up but do you have further instructions on setting up sub addresses. And does creating a different wallet provide a new ETN address?

type “help” in the CLI wallet for list of commands.

You can create Accounts and Addresses.

Accounts are a bit like multiple wallets held under one…addresses and sub addresses of those wallets.

It’s based on moneros code so this may help you.

You might also want to look at the community unofficial desktop wallet created by one of the ETN devs.

Much easier to use.

Yes, new wallet = new primary address.

Thanks for the detail Bega.

I’ve created a new wallet with a new address in the CLI and noted the pass phrase. I’ve also sent funds to this new address via my original primary CLI wallet and address.

However, I’ve also downloaded the desktop wallet but when I add the new wallet pass phrase created in the CLI, it loads the address but not the balance, even after connecting to the daemon and fully synchronising with the blockchain.

I know there is a balance because I can see it in the blockchain explorer, also in the CLI wallet but not in the desktop wallet. Any ideas?

The address in Desktop (GUI) is the same as the one you sent the coins to (and the one you check online to see this balance)?

If so, probably your desktop wallet is checking for tx’s after the height you sent the ETN to the wallet. Make sure its wallet restore height is set to 0 so it scans the whole blockchain for TXs on that wallet.

Also I assume you sent ETN to this wallet recently? If it was sent a long time ago (last year etc) before the Aurora upgrade there are some issues in desktop with the migration TX creation.

Also, make sure you have the latest version of CLI/GUI.