Can you get to blublockers website?


Can you guys get to the website of the tweet?
Did we already crash it with traffic or what? for me it just shows blue screen and " This website is no longer available."
Would be awesome to get some sunglasses with ETN :star_struck:


The site comes up for me.


Its working but very slow. ETN community is huge :smiley: I wanted to get these glasses for cycling

PS: Checking out:


Maybe they switch to a faster server for us :smiley:


Now I got to the checkout page, but there is an error. Maybe give them 1-2 days to fix it :slight_smile:


I managed to put in my order details and everything. Then selected ETN and pressed the green “Place order”. Then this was all I got :frowning: Hopefully they get it working at some point.


Their woocommerce integration seems to be giving out error 500. So probably will not be working for anyone untill they work it out :roll_eyes:


Yes I noticed the same. They will probably fix it asap :slight_smile:


I’m currently getting in touch with them to see if there is anything we can do to help get it up and running again. Anyone have a contact there?


The problem comes now after filling your information and clicking that “PLACE ORDER” button. You never get to the screen where you can pay your order.


Damn, same. Yup, they probably got overloaded by the ETN swarm.


You can write them on facebook.


Do let us know how it goes


They had over 1k visitors only from electroneum tweet


I think the Electroneum Community did a tsunami on the website :yum:



Checkout should work very soon <3


Good thing they are on to it! Probably something that other vendors are having problem with so good to get it solved ASAP :thinking:


I’m having a meeting with them tomorrow to get to the bottom of the error. As far as I know, other vendors using the plugin don’t have any problems.

Also keep in mind that transactions are limited to a maximum of 50 euros during the instant payments beta period. So several items for sale on Blublocker won’t be payable with ETN until the beta period is over.


Website working for me… it shows etn instant payment in checkout 0…


Can you see an Electroneum QR code when checking out? For me it shows Electroneum instant payments when selecting a payment option, but as soon as you go ahead with the order it shows a blank page.


Exactly, this happened to me too yesterday. I did put up some pictures above. But for me the page is not exactly blank. It does have the basic elements of their website. And also tried to do it with an order below 50€ and the qr code did not appear then either.