Can we help this guy out?

He is requiring a cryptocurrency to be integrated into his POS system. Can we figure if Electroneum is suitable for him in this thread?

Im not really sure there is anything we can say he basically makes the point that whatever he uses to accept crypto it has to also work with the other top 10coins because those are the ones most people use. As a business he can’t have multiple programs and wallets that accepts different coins it has to be through one system or it can’t be managed.

The only way this would be solved is when ETN gets a huge userbase so its accepted because it has such a high volume of potential customers or if it gets accepted into some big POS systems that alot of shops use. So for example if he could use a system that accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple but also Electroneum then he could do it. Accepting Bitcoin in one wallet then Ripple and then Electroneum all separate he would be running different software for each one it would be a nightmare to use and tallu.

I mean, he’s right. But it also looks like the network effect on this would be staggering. The more it’s used, the more vendors jump in exponentially. The first, and arguably biggest, hurdle will be to actually get the snowball started. So far were at a crawl, with the ability to buy phone bg art, floating wallets and sunglasses from movies that over stayed their welcome. As soon as things like electronics, fashion or cookware start getting sold, the ball will really start rolling.

Etn’s other plan of attack, the mvno stuff, is really clever too, genius really… I have nothing more to say about that :sweat_smile: