Can we add support for Rhino Coin?

Is it possible to add support for
So that we can buy and trade Rhino coin in app directly with our ETN or possibly add ETN to the exchage?

Rhino coin is a new coin aimed at saving the rhino. Every coin purchased is linked directly to 1 gram of rhino horn, similar to linking a currency to gold.

The only difference is that the funds generated go toward saving the rhino.


Its a cool idea! Maybe a in friends of support link page. As everyone will have a cause they are passionate about. There are also other coins doing good things (yes they also exist) maybe it is time we look at other cool projects and have a way to,

A. Know they exist and what they are trying to accomplish.

B. A link or click support system should we choose to support them and,

C. A communication idea to let everyone know where it’s all at, level of support etc etc etc

There are go fund me avenues where someone that is passionate about something can set up a gofundme account then people can support their cause financially. Most likely a new thread would need to be created to do this and a check to see if it’s even allowed might be a good idea!

That said I do like your idea!

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