Can’t access support tickets


I can’t access support tickets, I am able to login to, however for some reason can’t login to, I know they have different passwords, I have tried everything, even requesting a reset password link through forgot password button, but the link never arrives in my email, I can’t see my wallet due to KYC, which I have done few months ago, when trying to donate etn to etndonate on the 15/05/20 it requested again for ID and selfie with ID which I have provided, and it still as pending, since then I am having issue with my app and now support. Can anyone please help, I have logged a ticket before, reporting that the password update option wasn’t working properly, so I have used support tickets, but for some reason it’s not working now.
I really appreciate if someone here could help as I can’t reach electroneum via support.


Hi Cristiane

As you know… the support system is a different system to the wallets. This is on purpose as otherwise people with wallet login issues would be unable to also speak to support to get help!

Anyone wishing to raise a ticket needs to Sign Up to support if they haven’t.

(make sure to use a different password to the one you use on your wallet - safety first!)

In your case, you said you have created a Support account before.

The password reset is working, i just tried it to check, so your email provider must be blocking. Check spam folders etc. You may need to whitelist the email in some circumstances (

Worst case scenario, i would recommend you just create a new support account for the moment.


Thanks for your help, it wasn’t going to spam folder, but as my email provider segregate the emails by category, it was going to the wrong tab,I was able to reset the password.

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