Can someone tell me how to check balance after moving etn from webwallet to offline paper wallet?

@furios I tried to enter my etn offline wallet address but it says that wallet address not found so i tried multiple times but result was the same so finally i created new wallet through command but it did not generated my spend key but it generated only view key with new wallet address

But these instructions no longer work as all outputs will be FALSE since those privacy features were removed.

I’m not sure I understand, which Electroneum “privacy features” were removed? This is new to me.

The entire purpose of your paper “Private View Key” is to check transaction delivery. This feature will never be removed.

Ensure you are using a “transaction id” also known as TXID of sent Electroneum from mobile and cli wallets or exchanges and your “private view key” which is found on your paper wallet to check delivery of Electroneum to your paper wallet.

I just used my method to prove that I’ve sent 8062 Electroneum to my paper wallet address.


I just checked a paper wallet of mine from the ICO, which i did check some time afterward in January or so, and outputs that were true are now false. Every single output is false. My amounts are there, but all the outputs are false. Not a single one is true. Although previously they were. This would have to do with them removing privacy features or something?

The individual amounts add up to what was moved at that time and they definitely were true months ago, but they are all false now.

Ah no not at all, team did not remove any of these features, if you are using my method, make sure you are on “decode outputs”, use “private view key” not spend key, image

Of course given you have the Transaction ID (TXID) of sent Electroneum to paper wallet? :slight_smile:

All the amounts listed add up to the amount I sent after the ICO, and all are false, and there are no other outputs listed with it. At this point, I obviously can’t recall what the false outputs were at that time, but it doesn’t look like the transaction was grouped or mixed with any other transactions.

I don’t think the current Block Explorer accounts for past paper wallet transactions prior to their fork or the removal of their privacy features.

It sure does, just make sure you are plugging it in correctly. If you have seen them true before, they should be 100% true again without a single doubt. These things are not removed like that nor can be removed once in the blockchain.

Yes, I’m using the right transaction ID from when I sent the coins after ICO. And I’m in Decoding Outputs.

All that sounds good, sounds like you already know what to do honeslty. This shouldnt have changed though, I would take some time and raise a support ticket here There is a reason why there is a “private view key” on your paper wallet, and they have not changed one single bit since ICO.

If you have access to a computer, we can always try importing your paper wallet to a cli wallet, but using remote node, this should eliminate blockchain syncing. If you would like to take a dab at it, here is a guide: Electroneum CLI Wallet Guide with Remote Node method

There is another option. I’m not sure how much Electroneum you have, and our grace period is no where near ending,… we can try importing your paper wallet to mobile app wallet, guide: How to import Electroneum from Paper Wallet to Online or Mobile Wallet

These are just some of the options. If you don’t want to try importing, I would strongly suggest to contact support if you are 100% certain you’ve done everything right, because your transactions should still validate.

Something has had to change. I realize the blockchain is immutable, but I suspect the Blockchain explorer is not reading something properly. And we’re talking about a lot of coins over multiple paper wallets, which I’m checking through now. This must have something to do with their privacy removal features. (The Prove sending isn’t working properly either). There are no other transactions grouped with my individual amounts like I remember before. And I’ve reconfirmed I’m definitely entering the right IDs/info etc in the right boxes. Ring CT, I’m now reading, was disabled late May? This has to have something to do with it. But yet you’re getting TRUE outputs? I’m at a loss.

Thanks for your speedy response, though! I’ll have to figure it out in the morning when I can think more clearly.

I figured it out. I have to apologize. After looking at a screen all day myself, by late last night, it probably wasn’t the best time to Decode Outputs after all these months. I had a lettering system for each paper wallet, and I grabbed the wrong paper wallet to check against the transaction I was looking at. And a few letters of the wallet address were similar at a quick glance, that I didn’t realize I had the wrong paper wallet. I now feel like Michael Bolton from Office Space. I’ve certainly jumped pretty far on Tom Smykowsk’s Jump to Conclusions mat. Again, I apologize. And thanks again for your assistance!

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Awesome, glad we figured that out :slight_smile:

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I have been trying to understand this method but its bit confusing so please can anybody make a detailed video tutorial so eveyone can benefit from it ? please guys anybody?

If you don’t have Google Chrome will the paper offlinewallet you generate still receive transaction and say true? And how long does it take to send coin from offline wallet to online mobile wallet?

ok first of all i made the same mistake then i deleted every thing up nd try from zero any way you have to reopen your offline u did for that new one but you have to write down the address and other keys which will provide after opening your offline wallet .be sure your blockchine synchronized .

One of my paper wallets, keeps going from pending to failed, when I try to import it. What could cause this? I checked balance with private view key & it shows the coins got there.

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You have to synchronize your blockchine file in order to solve that problem.

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