Can someone tell me about the mining


I have been mining since I joined and since the 24 Sept I have not accrued any etn and there is no button anymore to click on to update the balance.


Have you perhaps logged into the website by mistake rather than the phone app?


yes I am on the web site not on my phone


I only use the web site to update my weekly Etn but use the phone ap to mine.


Does the miner on your phone app show accruals or pending payouts?


it shows ,Miner status ,Hash rate ,Pending Balance 6.6 ETN and active Miners


Makes sense then. I don’t know if it’s a hard and fast rule or not, but mine never pays out until I’ve accumulated 10 ETN.


the last time I received it was on the 24Sep 10.18 ETN I guess you might be right


How many hash you get? Under 20 is hard to mine…


45 hash rate here , not the fastest

but its only capable to mine until 50 hash … like a limit


Yes @Kinkybeef, but i was asking to the sir :blush:. 45 is a good hash!!


Yeah Stefo i got you :joy: i just wanted to point that out hahahaha , still is going sloooow tho :joy:


Minimum is 30 and maximum is 50 hash rate. And payout is now slower about every 2-3 days… But it makes referals…


why we dont refer each other , as we are all active miners here ? :joy: