Can I still mine etn with asic hardwares

I noticed rewards has stopped, can I still mine with gpu or asic ?

Not directly. will let you use a cryptonight asic will let you use gpu or cpu.
How they work is to mine another coin and then do an automatic swap to pay the miner out in ETN


If you already have an X3 ASIC - then you can join the pools as mentioned above - and it will mine other cryptonight coins that can be mined and pay you directly in ETN.

Otherwise if your have a powerful CPU or a good GPU does the same thing. I run the pools, so you can ask me any questions about them.



Been meaning to get off my lazy but and join that pool.

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The ETN blockchain can only be mined via trusted NGO nodes. There is no public mining on the Proof of Responsibility blockchain. There is however a great community pool which mines other coins and pays in ETN. Details/links above.

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