Can i send from my Account Level 1


hi every one ,

i need to know if i can send out to others from my Account Level 1 wallet ? or i have to be level 2 1st ?


Level one can send 150 euro max in 3 month.


due to info on my profile i,m level 1 and due to the table that i,m submitting i should be able to receive only , not send until i,m level 2 .

i,m asking cause practicly i tried sending from my wallet and it seems to work while i,m still level 1




thanks for confirming the info ,

i was confused from the “Account Level” i sow on my profile page .


i think after 12 November we have to be level 2 to send out any ETN from our wallets , thats in the term and conditions


Are you certain? I dont believe that to be the case. Richard said in an interview that he would not allow KYC to lock anyone out of their accounts or prevent access to their own ETN that they paid for. My understanding is that on the 12th, level one kyc will still allow you to send/receive ETN itll just be capped at 150 Euros. This video may have some more insight on the topic . I believe there is a faq here as well


Level 1 - Everyone has to have this and can send/receive up to 150euro in 3 months.
Level 2 - Only needed if you wish to send MORE than 150euro (up to a max of 10k) in 3 months
Level 3 - Can send any amount.

Get the level relevant to your trading amount done by Nov 12th or your account will be frozen until you do.

Giving up on KYC terrible rude support experience

also if u look into yr account profile … u will se a table that confirm Level 1 can only receive or deposit , no sending ,

and i guess this is the way they will know if 1 person mine with more than one phone … cause if u cant send out ETN from yr wallet unless u pass KYC , they will know u r the same person and will lock one of yr account or both .


this is the table in my profile on my account , from the 1st look it means level 1 only recive\deposite , no sending out


Our mod responded right above your post here: Can i send from my Account Level 1

You can Send or Receive as Level 1, please read BegaMutex replay :slight_smile:


search for this video on youtube
" Electroneum - KYC Reviewed; That Interview + Updates: Komodo, Trippki, Zero Carbon & Clarity"

start watcching from minuite 23:15 , some how the community doesn,t allow youtube link


yes you can… it allow you 150euro in three month period


i guess we will keep on arguing this until 12 November to know if level 1 will be able to send or no …

i say " after 12 November " no one will be able to send out if he is level 1 , but can deposit and even mine and receive .

Mark my word … and u better ask the admins in Telegram or here in the community .


actully i,m very confused here ,

in that link they say on level 1 u can send 150Euro each 3 month . … guess well never know for sure until 12 november comes


it clearly state here that you need to complete kyc level 2 if you hold or transfer ETN more than 150euro in 3 months period but if you don’t then you can still hold or transfer etn at level 1 kyc not over 150euro per three month period


I believe we answered you multiple times and also a post from the Mod, please stop spreading nonsense ok?

As Level 1, you can Transact (Transact means SEND or RECEIVE) up to 150 Euros per 3 months.


That is correct :+1:


i,m very sorry for any confusion i spread , now i,m sure i have limit 150 euro for level 1 .

but all the confusion came to me from this

as u see if anyone open his account on setting , profile u will see it …

it says " Deposit/receive " in the level 1 …

this is where all the confusion came to me as this is the formal account and wallet , so i guess they should fix this on the website . cause if u looked carefully u will understand that limit is 0 Euro on level 1 and only 150 Euro for level 2 and only 10K euro for level 3 .


they will fix it eventually… all that matter is they inform us about kyc level… it’s just written text like a typographical error… they have more to do in implementing kyc and establishing partnership than editing a simple text which is already confirm on different social medias they are in…