Can ETN still be mined via GPU?

might be a stupid question, but…not sure what the deal is after this latest fork.

I dont believe so - my understanding is the only way a normal user can mine is via the app. It’s only the NGO’s with an Electroneum issued key that can mine the blockchain


Anyone with a CPU and GPU can still mine ETN on crypto_kangaroos new pool that mines CNr (monero) alts, auto converts them at exchange and then pays miners direct in ETN. Since the recent blockchain upgrade this is currently the only pool on the planet that rewards miners in ETN

Join the TG channel for support and regional port information included in the pinned message @ThorsHammerMining

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wait…you mine another Monero fork and it gets converted to ETN through an exchange? I don’t get it…

It’s the same principle as a mining a coin… Then selling that coin to buy ETN.
Except the pool does it for you automatically in the background.

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and if you mine to a cli wallet your identity is not revealed

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GPUs and ASICs can’t mine anymore. Only our partner organisations.