Can etn catch ethereum?


I dont see why not. Every coin has its purpose.


This is quite a broad question, if you mean the coin having the same value I would say highly unlikely anytime in the near future. Having the same market cap yes possible in time


Yes! it can catch up ethereum’s current marketcap ($29 billion) within few years!


ETN will be the number #1 coin in the world! Surpassing Bitcoin! Electroneum Price Guarantee 150k!
770 Trillion market cap! 2.5 Billion Users! Easy Work!


Electroneum can catch any crypto currency now existing. If Rich and his team stay on the decentralized idea and unique crypto for masses ETN will conquer the market. ETN MUST become the leader in instant payment process which is in my honest opinion the ultimate goal that will shake the Fiat market.One’s you start to reach to global market and 3 bill mobile users the ETN will reach any crypto, and it will be exponentially and unstoppable user growth.


This is great news. Your key word being “decentralized”.

So, as I understand it…the ultimate goal of ETN is to become a crypto coin digital currency that any smart phone user in the world can use to buy and sell products and services? Quickly and easily right on their phone?

Now, is it true that for this to happen, we must get vendors, merchants, service providers to allow for their product to be purchased using etn? that may take a while.


It is true.

If we look around and see how we use and spend our hard earned money, just imagine the simplicity of the mobile app and possibilities that offers.
When society recognizes that crypto money is an alternative to today’s money that is controlled by all and at least one of us, an unstoppable crypto future will begin. And when it starts, there is no more going back. A simple access to action is the key purchase - pay transaction. No one will be able to ignore it. Yeah, sellers in the system, you can bet that.