Can Electroneum Be The Next Paypal

PayPal’s best mate is ebay, I know they have now split and are separated but PayPal is huge and eBay even bigger.
… They have a PayPal card and a chip and pin reader , loans etc etc . eBay fees …

We have instant payment system
First kyc
Mobile mining app
First miner on Apple ( still awaiting confirmation on the app store )

Biggest telegram group in history
1 million plus downloads Google play store

To me at the minute We’re in a different league , the new kid on the block , who’s packing a brilliant punch yes we are young but we have the best team , the community is amazing , we have one of the best ideas in the crypto market if not the best , we have people signing up every hour , announcements come nearly every week …

And the funny thing is , all these numbers and we haven’t started to advertise properly yet…

We have a pretty decent road map that is eating up the miles rapidly. It will take a long time and we will have to take some punches , but I don’t think we will ever beat PayPal but I do think that we won’t be far off , maybe number 2 in the world .

Which wouldn’t be that bad !
Would it ??

@Plankton_ETN In my opinion Electroneum is for different era.Paypal ,ebay and many others are the old guards.They deal with fiat or national currencies.Somehow money still travels at the speed of the bank and bottleneck bureaucracy.Whereas with ETN money does not have to travel ,it is instant.Having said this,Electroneum can not be compare with Paypal or Ebay.In 12 months Electroneum has accomplished so much.Now we are looking at the future,because the future is cryptocurrency and the future is us.Once all the deals are met and ETN is positioned on the flyway ,take off would be easy.Even the issue of being listed on coinbase for me it is not an issue and we don’t need to go begging Coinbase to list us.An Efik proverb says “A woman who knows how to ,cook good foods does not run after men ,suitors come in drove”
Electroneum has all the ingredients to take over the world by storm and dominate.Once we do the needful and work progressively and all these big exchanges would come begging.Then Richard Ells would partner with them on equal terms.
In the meantime we as individual we can continue to promote the mining app.In my case i make sure i show people how they can mine ETN with their smartphone.I am sure they share their knowledge with in their circle of influence.Yes if we make it a point of duty to introduce 1 new user a week ,it’ll really help when Electroneum finally hits