Can anyone make an ETN wallet for Ledger Nano S?


Would be great to have fantastic protection with a Ledger Nano S.

I know the online wallet with is safe but I would prefer to own my private keys but never let them go online, EVER…

Monero has already been accepted by Ledger Nano.

When do you think we can get there ? I know paper wallets are good if created offline but…

Does anyone here have the skills to sort it out ?


If ETN will succeed in the next few months, I am sure people would fight for the right to be involved in an ETN wallet project. A GUI desktop wallet would be best for 90% of the people actually.
If they are accepted by EXODUS, it will be a good day for me.


GUI wallet is ok but still does not protect from key loggers etc.

I want a fully offline storage option. The ledger Nano/Trezor allows this.

If Trezor offer ETN I would buy on tomorrow.

Neo has the NEON wallet for Ledger, and Ripple has an option too.


If you have a powerful antivirus with high level of security is enough.
Especially if you don’t surf dubious sites on the web.
ETN is still in its infancy. We need a wallet when all will work at 100% for at least a year.


I don’t visit the back alleys of Japan :smiley:

But you never know what site is good or bad. Or even if some software/updates are compromised.


And actually you have the paper wallet, which is the next best thing after the hardware wallet.


I would appreciate an etn integration into ledger live too.