Cambodia payment system, fiat exchange for the unbanked, please Share up t devellopign team and R.E


on the price discussion telegram chat i wrote this message that everybody urged me to copy in this forum in order to link it to the develloping team and Richard E.

If any body can help on this purpose, it would be perfect, here is my original post:

What I don’t get is how ETN is planning mass adoption if there is not a Ultra simple exchange FIAT/ETN with reasonable fee, accessible for all newbies in a simple way on their phone or physically ?
Ok any task is nice , instant payment is the real deal , but we need a user friendly phone app (even if it is a third party to relieve ETN from all world regulations needed). And finally we need locally some partnership with banks of ATM company where inside an existing ATM you can deposit cash and transform it to ETN and vice versa for the unbanked , THEN mass adoption thought marketing and real world usage can occur naturally

I live in Cambodia , here there is the most clever company named WING : they created a system where every people can create a wing affiliate counter. In this counter on top of exchanging dollars to khmer riels , more than all, you can send money to anybody using only your phone : you come at the counter in one minute you fill a small paper : your phone number the amount of money you send and the phone number of te receiver of money .
Then they give you a code that you send by sms or internet to your friend and he can instantly receive the money everywhere in Cambodia . The fees are 1$ until 100$ send and 2.5$ for 1000$ . It is so efficient that we saw wing counter appearing everywhere in Cambodia even in most far province and village .

Unbanked people use it everyday massively

The combination of real physical counter , small fees , ultra simple use , target of small transaction and unbanked people made the system a huge success in no time
If ETN find a way to transpose this system but for all the world : that’s it !! But through this experience we see what is really needed

Back to wing : the 1$ fees are splitter up 50/50 for the bank who created the system and the counter owner for provide the service locally
Yes it is Incredible, so easy use that sometime I even use it to send 50$ when I am lazy to drive 25 min motorbike to bring money to my partner

There is counter every 100meters now in the city ![:slightly_smiling_face:]

So let’s install a ETN system where I can do same from my phone in my room (sometime I am even lazy to go to wing lol because it could end up 3 time per day haha and that’s it full winner

I could be very wrong but Richard did talk about a service for off ramping Anytasks in Cambodia maybe this is it?? (Fingers crossed)

Looks promising. Some similar numbers there.


Passed on to @Olivier and the team



Richard mentioned access to 30K outlets in previous videos, so perhaps this is what he was referring to.


Thanks for taking the time to write this up :+1:
I agree a simple way in and out of Etn in fiat is essential for new users. I would love to see Etn in some atms, I know there has been some talk of it. I also agree aligning with groups such as wing would bring great benefit to the ecosystem. Thanks again for stopping by the forum and writing this up.

Onwards and upwards :zap:
:bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:

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