C# DotNet Libraries and Nuget for Using the API


Hi All,

Here is a C# Dotnet Port of the ETN client API’s (based on the PHP vendor). With a nuget package for simple install. It contains a client library with unit tests, and a web application to test qrcode generation and webhook processing.

You can use visual studio code, visual studio 2017, or just run directly from the command line using dotnet core
It would be great if people can review it, and provide any feedback.

Source is here:


I’m not a developer or anything but what I need as a soda & snack vendor is to print out QR codes for fiat amounts that automatically get converted (by the ETN app checking the market) into the correct ETN amount at the time of purchase and the ETN mobile app should have a simple shopping cart - item 1, item 2, etc… that my customers could scan and hit an arrow for next item and then a “done” when they are done.

People generally buy 5 or less items from me. To see an example of something simple as a shopping cart like what I’m talking about for the ETN app look for the NCP app on Google play store where you report what groceries you buy to the app in exchange for points. National Consumer Panel.


@992c5189c87ad481832f You, sir, are a hero. Thanks for doing this and making it available publicly. It’s sharing mentalities like this that will fast-track vendor integration and mass adoption.


Damn, bet me too it !
Very, very nice !


I would like this, but I’m out of likes. Very good job nonetheless bro! <3


Thanks for your work and sharing with everyone this is awesome :slight_smile:


thanks for sharing your idea @Aironeous