Bypass Coinbase & Blocked Credit Cards


A startup fintech called Revolut offer a beautifully designed alternative banking app which you can instantly load up with your fiat currency into any 1 of the 24 other fiat currencies.

For me, I load GBP to EUR and then use the Revolut account to purchase ETN from Liquid.

TRY is in the app if you want to try Sistemkoin.

No more blocked credit cards or coinbase fees!

You’re Welcome!


yesterday I bought etn on liquid. I did a sepa transfer and liquid’s bank took 0.99€ . not much, less than Coinbase but not 0. so where does revolut come into the picture?


My bank prohibited me from buying crypto with my credit card on Coinbase so I transferred GBP from the credit card to the EUR wallet within the Revolut app, which was instant. Doesn’t SEPA take up to 3 days days?


for me sepa transfer is done on the same day if I start it in the morning. if I start it fri afternoon then it goes to monday. I don’t use card, I use account


You can just send GBP to your Coinbase GBP wallet now via a standard faster payment with zero fees, no need to use credit / debit cards at all :slight_smile:

Most credit card companies are just increasing the list of exchanges they won’t allow you to purchase crypto from


That’s good to know funds can be sent directly to the Coinbase gbp wallet from online banking, though I still don’t think this is possible for my credit card as there is no online banking for that particular card - It’s not one of the big banks like Barclays, Halifax, HSBC etc. Ultimately, Coinbase will still charge around £3-4 for every £100 bitcoin purchased. That’s around 400 ETN I’m losing by not using Liquids fiat pairing.


Just tried to use my visa credit card on Coinbase to buy some litecoin so I could send it to Cryptopia and buy more Electroneum.
Coinbase said my credit card company is denying me the ability to purchase crypto with my credit card. So I am following your advice to try Revolut. The website says “be one of the first people in the US to get early access” so I downloaded the app and went through the sign up process and then it told me I’m waiting in line.
I’m number 70,334

I’d really like to get some more Electroneum before this BTC bull run happens and ETN is still under 1 cents.
It says if someone uses my referral code they will bump me up in line.

So if someone could help me out
plus you can probably get crypto a lot easier with this app.


Hey, sorry I should have said they’re still yet to fully launch in the US. I’m really impressed with their app. I think Electroneum would benefit from studying their UI design. I also thought it was cool how they had the YOTI style KYC features built into their app.


coinbase lets you withdraw to your Paypal account now.


how much percentage does PayPal take?


I have no idea, I’m not paying attention to details about that.


you must be rich not to care:)